Glam TV makeup changed Magdalena Roze’s approach to beauty

“Simple things, but some of the most effective.”
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Magdalena Roze has become a household name and face thanks to her work as a meteorologist, weather presenter and journalist.

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Appearing regularly on our screens, the mother of two always looks flawless, so much so we had to ask what kind of beauty mantra she follows.

“Always wear sunscreen, embrace your natural beauty and drink water,” Magdalena tells Who, “Simple things, but some of the most effective.”

While we’re accustomed to seeing the 39-year-old all glammed up, she admits her approach to beauty at home is far from.

“When I’m home I wear very little if any make up, but when I’m shooting or at events I go all glam! I quite like doing a bit of both,” she says.

Magdalena loves getting glammed up and paring it back. (Credit: Instagram)

It was the daily grind, or in this case heavy glam, of breakfast TV that had Magdalena alter her approach to beauty.

“When I was working on breakfast TV for a few years, the daily heavy make up started taking its toll on my skin and this is what prompted me to start looking into more natural skincare to help sooth my skin and it give it more support.

“Sometimes it could take three cleanses to remove all the studio makeup, which is quite a lot when it’s daily, and disrupts the natural balance of the skin, so I started using gentle, nourishing, mostly natural based skincare products to try and counter that.”

At home she keeps her routine on the natural side. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite a change in her daily routine, Magdalena has retained her natural approach to makeup and skincare.

“NIVEA’s Naturally Good range and the Sensitive Day Cream is one of my favourites in the range as it’s made from up to 99% naturally derived ingredients, free from parabens, silicones and mineral oils, it’s affordable and it works.

“I like a tinted sunscreen in the day and the Rationale Beautiful Skin one is my go-to as it’s light and gives my skin a natural glow.” 

She then adds: “I cleanse with NIVEA Naturally Good Micellar Wash with Organic Aloe Vera. Even though it’s gentle, it’s really effective at removing make up, sunscreen and impurities, including around the eyes!

“A couple of times a week, I use Dr Sam Bunting Nightly Serum and then moisturise with Sodashi Rejuvenating or Calming Face and Neck Moisturiser.”

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