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This year we’ve seen a backlash against heavy, time-consuming makeup looks and instead welcomed a new obsession with clear, radiant skin and seeing our socials suddenly flooded with makeup-free selfies.

Enter skinimalism: using fewer products in our daily routines for better, less-irritated, glowing skin. The new movement saw us paring back our Korean beauty-inspired 14-step (or more) routines to a mere three or four. And the less-is-more train of thought caught on in makeup routines too.

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Brands began coming up with innovative ways to boost the health of skin via cosmetics. In some cases, this new breed of foundation means we can even skip the moisturiser or serum steps if we want to really strip things back. The new makeup ideal is foundation that not only makes skin look better right now, but helps it to be better the more we wear it.

A-list makeup artist Gucci Westman is a frontrunner when it comes to skin that looks like skin. Her natural makeup brand, Westman Atelier, is a favourite amongst celebs like Jennifer Aniston (Westman’s BFF) and Gigi Hadid, who are keen to use makeup that’s good for their skin – pared back yet flawless.

All hail our makeup Queen (Credit: Instagram)

If you feel like less makeup is everywhere in this country, you’re not wrong. Westman points to Australia as a natural home for the emerging trend of skinimalism.

“Everyone I see in Australia is like [healthy] and has beautiful skin,” she says. “They don’t look like they’re wearing a lot of makeup, but they look like they are wearing a little something. There’s an awareness. That’s my kind of person.”

Here are 5 steps to achieve the no makeup, makeup look.

Just like our homegrown minimalist, Lara Worthington! (Credit: Instagram)

1. Go For Makeup That’s Mostly Skincare

Rule number one of skinimalism is to look for hybrid formulations. “Infusing a universal ingredient like hyaluronic acid into makeup means that the products will be good for the skin,” says Terry de Gunzburg, founder of By Terry. She also recommends cosmetics that contain antioxidants and vitamin C.

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2. Check Percentages

Some cosmetics will boast skincare ingredients, but you need to look at the percentages to see if they are really going to help sort out any skin issues. “It takes longer and costs a lot more money (for formulators) to include active ingredients at high levels,” says Westman. “(But higher levels mean) products will do what they’re saying they’re doing.”

(Credit: Chemist Warehouse)

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3. Quality Over Quantity

Skinimalism is more than just covering and correcting visible issues. It’s about reducing the amount of skincare steps you need by choosing makeup that’s formulated like skincare. “I will never launch a product that doesn’t have some sort of significant skincare benefit,” says Westman. “Innovation, efficacy and performance – those things are always going to be paramount.”

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4. Prep Is Still Key

Making sure you apply skincare first is essential. “It’s very important to look after your skin and prep it correctly before applying any makeup,” says de Gunzburg. “Well-prepared and hydrated skin is the cornerstone of a flawless complexion and makes makeup look even better.”

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5. Layer Carefully

When layering your beauty products, look out for formulations that work well together. Generally, cream-based products work well with other creamy products (although Westman has created a powder that blends seamlessly with her other products). “I love layering products and creating effects,” she says. “There’s no pilling or streakiness [with my line] because, as a makeup artist, that’s the worst thing that can happen.”

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