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Do you know what products are in the fake tan you use on your skin? 

That’s the question fake tan entrepreneur Corbin Halliday puts to me when I sit down with him to discuss his range of certified organic, toxin-free, cruelty-free, and vegan products from his Three Warriors fake tanning range. 

After being diagnosed with mycotoxin poisoning at the age of 23 and having to learn to live with chronic inflammatory response syndrome as a result, his body became extra sensitive to what he was putting in and putting on his body. 

With pale skin and red hair, Corbin says tanning was always a ‘’non-negotiable’’ for him. But in the face of chronic illness, he realised that the fake tan products he had always used would instead put his body out of whack. 

‘’I looked at all the ingredients in the fake tan products that I was using on my skin and was horrified at the ingredients. There are artificial pigments like heavy metals, all this stuff that contributes to autoimmune problems like the one that I have,’’ Corbin says. 

‘’Basically, anything with chemicals in it, my body just couldn’t handle.

‘’So, I threw my tans out and went ‘well what am I going to do?’ There were no tans on the market [that were certified organic] so I started playing around with my own formulations.’’

Sonia Kruger is the celebrity brand ambassador for the Three Warriors brand. (IMAGE: Instagram) (Credit: IMAGE: Instagram)

Despite being bedridden at the time, Corbin began ordering ingredients directly from suppliers to create an organic tanning solution that would suit not only his complexion but not set off his chronic condition. 

And thus, Three Warriors was born. 

After creating his ‘’perfect’’ tanning solution, with a violet base that Corbin describes as ‘’universal’’, the brand exploded and is now a global leader in the organic tanning space. 

Derived from mostly plants, vegetables, and coconut, the brand also has the highest certification in self-tanning globally. 

‘’The main ingredient in our tans is a sugar (derived from sugar cane) which is called dihydroxyacetone, but other brands synthetically derive this natural ingredient which is a massive no-no,’’ Corbin says. 

‘’They also use artificial pigments and dyes in the products and can be full of heavy metals which are actually super toxic for your body, and dry/break your skin out.’’

The Three Warriors range is hybrid skincare. (IMAGE: Three Warriors) (Credit: IMAGE: Three Warriors)

These ingredients also contribute to the obnoxious ‘fake tan look’. 

‘’That’s what artificial ingredients do in products; it gives you that ‘obvious’ fake tan look. They can have too much green or too much yellow pigment which makes it looks fake.’’

As well as being created for those with auto-immune and chronic illnesses such as Corbin, the brand also caters to those with a range of skin conditions such as psoriasis, dry skin, and eczema. 

‘’It’s just beautiful and it suits all different skincare types,’’ Corbin says. 

‘’You forget you have a tan on, it’s universal, it’s a hybrid skincare range with an added glow.’’

Corbin is a hands on CEO. (IMAGE: Instagram) (Credit: IMAGE: Instagram)

And unlike other fake tanning products, the Three Warriors range doesn’t stick on or stain clothes or sheets, in fact, you don’t even need to sleep in it! 

‘’It develops in three hours, wash off after one hour for a light tan, and up to five hours for a dark tan. It’s the best,’’ Corbin adds (not that he is biased). 

‘’The days of sleeping with tans are done! It’s a quick shower and your tan will keep developing for 48 hours and last an easy seven days!’’

Shop the Three Warriors range here. 

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