A Personal Trainer In Your Pocket: The Best Workout Apps

These 11 workout apps will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Getting fit is no easy task. You need to be armed with the knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals and the motivational ability to help you stick to them.

That’s why personal trainers are so popular, but that expertise comes at a pretty significant cost. Hiring a personal trainer for an hour starts at $50, and can quickly soar past $100 for more advanced trainers.

Fortunately, you’ve got the alternative of workout apps, which are cheaper and more convenient than a personal trainer, but can give you the most important aspects of a trainer’s guidance and knowledge without the big barrier to entry.

These workout apps can help you prepare personalised fitness programs, teach you how to safely perform certain workouts, and even sync with fitness trackers so that you can monitor your workouts accurately. Some even help you track your nutrition and weight.

In this article, we look at fitness apps and rank the best ones among them. All of these are available for Android and iPhone, so you can use them no matter what smartphone you have.

11. Pocket Yoga—$2.99

The many benefits of yoga are well-documented, and with Pocket Yoga, you won’t need to go to an expensive studio to have these benefits.

Pocket Yoga provides you with detailed voice instructions and visual diagrams for every yoga pose, descriptions and benefits for each pose, and a built-in music player. The app contains over 200 pose diagrams, and 27 different yoga sessions for every duration and difficulty. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest exercise apps to use.

Android App Pocket Yoga
(Credit: Google Playstore)

10. Strava—Free, With Paid Subscription

Part social network and part workout tracker app, Strava is optimised for running and cycling. Create your own running or biking route or use routes that other users have made, then, track your workouts via GPS, with distance, pace, elevation, calories, and other metrics tracked in real time.

Ready to get serious? Sign up for a Strava subscription and get tailored fitness plans, advanced workout analysis, and discounts from many brands. Choose among any of three sets of features you need at $2/month per set, or get everything at $5/month.

Android App Strava Training
(Credit: Google Playstore)

9. MyFitnessPal—Free, With Paid Subscription

One of the original and still one of the most popular fitness tracking apps, MyFitnessPal has a comprehensive suite of nutrition tracking features. It won’t give you any workout features, but it will help you track your diet and nutrition, which actually represents 80% of all weight loss.

Android App MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter
(Credit: Google Playstore)

8. Fitbit—Free, But Best With Fitbit Tracker

When paired with the company’s best-selling line of fitness trackers, the Fitbit app is a complete workout solution, with fitness tracking, nutrition, exercise guidance, heart rate monitoring, and more. It also lets you compete with other Fitbit users in friendly competitions.

Android App Fitbit
(Credit: Google Playstore)

7. Seven7 Minute Workout—Free, With Paid Subscription

High-intensity interval training is all the rage these days, owing to how it stuffs in a lot of calorie-burning activity in a very short span of time. This makes it ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time every day.

Seven is an interval training app that provides you with a collection of 7-minute workouts of varying intensity, which don’t require any equipment. The app will create workout routines that are tailored to your needs. You can also compete with your other friends on Seven.

Android App Seven
(Credit: Google Playstore)

6. Keelo—Free, With Paid Subscription

Another workout app that’s designed to be used in short bursts, Keelo features strength training and interval training workouts that are guided by Keelo’s coaches in short videos. The monthly premium subscription gives you real-time access to a fitness expert for any questions you might have.

Android App Keelo
(Credit: Google Playstore)

5. Couch to 5K—$2.99

Couch to 5K is designed for sedentary people or relative beginners who want to get into running. With a daily training course, the app aims to build users’ stamina in 20-30 minute daily sessions over the course of nine weeks. It features audio cues for runs, automatic tracking through GPS, and comparative charts for distance and pace to see how you’re improving.

Android App Couch to 5K
(Credit: Google Playstore)

4. Map My Fitness—Free, With Premium Tier

Map My Fitness, as its name suggests, is all about measuring things. Logging activities, tracking runs and cycling with GPS, and syncing with over 400 different fitness tracking devices. It also lets you find nearby routes for workouts, and become part of a huge community with challenges, leaderboards, and more. The app is free, with a premium tier with customised workouts and heart rate monitoring.

Android App Map My Fitness
(Credit: Google Playstore)

3. Daily Burn—Free Trial, Then $15-20/Month

Daily Burn encourages you to work out 30 minutes a day, with a selection of over 150 workouts to choose from that you’ll be carefully guided through. It also features a daily workout show, Daily Burn 365, with live chat, special guest stars, and more.

Android App Daily Burn
(Credit: Google Playstore)

2. Freeletics

Freeletics offers unique, AI-driven workout programs that are custom-made to fit your needs, including your fitness level and even your schedule. It’s the perfect personal trainer app for users who don’t have time to go to the gym. It features hundreds of workouts of various styles, including HIIT and calisthenics. It also features workouts that are custom tailored for men and for women.

Freeletics Android App
(Credit: Google Play Store)

1. Nike Training App—Free Trial, Then $15/Month

With over 185 workouts and entire programs led by Nike Master Trainers, the Nike Training App is a direct replacement for many personal trainer sessions. It’s got powerful home workout programs for endurance, mobility, strength, and more, ranging from 15-45 minutes in duration. It can also act as one of those gym workout apps that help guide you using the machines.

Nike Training Club Android Store
(Credit: Google Play Store)

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