Androgynous, Gender-Neutral, & Boy Names For Your Baby Girl

Defy expectation with these traditionally-male names for your newborn daughter.

If there’s one movement that characterises the social awareness of our time, it’s gender neutrality. All across the world, people are smashing stereotypes and gender expectations – men are picking up more chores at home, women are rising in the workplace, and the lines between genders are getting more and more blurred each day.

One way that parents can ride this movement is by giving their kids boy names that can be girl names or vice versa – a huge push towards gender fluidity! Move over, traditionalists: baby girls everywhere are about to claim some boy names for their own. Read about why names for both genders are popular today, and scroll down for our list of cute ‘masculine’ girl names.

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The Rise Of Androgynous & Unisex Names

Poet Rachel Rostad once wrote in ‘Names’, When you name your daughter / it’s a prayer for everything you want her to be.So a name isn’t just a name, it carries all of the hopes and dreams you have for your baby girl. 

For example, naming your daughter Bella means that you hope your daughter one day lives up to her name, which means beautiful. Choosing a popular character’s name, like Leia or Hermione, is you expressing your wish that she grows up to be just like them – strong, smart, and confident.

Today, we’re going to talk about epicene names. Epicene names don’t have a strict gender distinction; they can work for both masculine and feminine-presenting people. Giving your child a gender-neutral name is you telling your child,I will give you room to explore your gender identity in the future, no matter what you decide.

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The rise of gender equality and gender fluidity has made epicene names a lot more common today, as parents are trying to impose fewer gender restrictions and expectations on their kids than before. Using boy names that are also cute for a girl is just one way of doing so; you can also allow them to wear both masculine and feminine clothes, or allow them to play with both masculine and feminine toys.

And, as a parent, that’s one of the best gifts you can give your children – the freedom to be who they are, your unconditional love and support regardless of their identity, and respect for the decisions they make about their own person-hood.

Boys Names For Girls: The Ultimate Genderfluid Names List

Names That Start With A

Addison, Aidan, Aiden, Ainslie, Alex, Allyn, Angel, Arden, Ashley, Ashton, Aubrey, Avery

Celebs who rocked the name: Ashton Shepherd

Names That Start With B

Bailey, Billie, Blair, Blake, Braidy, Brett

Celebs who rocked the name: Bryce Dallas Howard

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Names That Start With C

Cameron, Cary, Carsen (or Carson), Casey, Charlie, Chris, Corrie, Cory, Courtney

Celebs who rocked the name: Cameron Diaz

Names That Start With D

Dakota, Dallas, Danny, Darby, Darian, Delaney Dell, Devin, Dorian, Drew, Dylan

Celebs who rocked the name: Drew Barrymore

Names That Start With E

Elliot, Ellis, Emerson, Emery, Erin, Evan

Celebs who rocked the name: Evan Rachel Wood

Names That Start With F

Finn, Freddie, Flynn, Frankie

Celebs who rocked the name: Finn Carter

Names That Start With G

Gabriel, Gail, Gale, Gerrie, Gray, Gwyn

Celebs who rocked the name: Genesis Rodriguez

Names That Start With H

Halsey, Harley, Haiden (or Hayden), Hailey, Hilary, Hudson

Celebs who rocked the name: Hayden Panettiere

Names That Start With I


Celebs who rocked the name: Ira Fronten

Names That Start With J

Jacy, Jaime, Jamie, Jayme, James, Jean, Jesse, Joey, Jordan, Jude, Justice

Celebs who rocked the name: Jamie Lee Curtis

Names That Start With K

Kary, Kay, Keegan, Kendall, Kerry, Kim, Kirby, Kit, Kyle

Celebs who rocked the name: Kendall Jenner

Names That Start With L

Lane, Laurence, Laurie, Lee, Leighton, Lennox, Lin, Logan

Celebs who rocked the name: Leighton Meester

Names That Start With M

Mackenzie, Maddox, Marian (or Marion), Marley, Mason, Mel, Micah, Milo, Montana, Morgan, Murphy

Celebs who rocked the name: Morgan Fairchild

Actress Morgan Fairchild at a podium receiving the Ralph Morgan Award
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Names That Start With N

Nash, Noah, Nicky

Celebs who rocked the name: Noah Cyrus

Names That Start With O

Odell, Owen

Celebs who rocked the name: Hayley Owen

Names That Start With P

Peyton, Palmer, Parker, Paxton

Celebs who rocked the name: Peyton List

Names That Start With Q

Quincy, Quinn

Celebs who rocked the name: Quinn Shephard

Names That Start With R

Randy, Regan, Reed, Reese, Riley, Ridley (or Ripley), Robin, Rory, Rowan, Royce, Rudy, Russi, Ryan

Celebs who rocked the name: Robin Wright

Names That Start With S

Sam, Sawyer, Skyler, Scout, Shane, Shannon, Shelby, Shelley, Sheridan, Sidney, Skeeter, Spencer, Storm

Celebs who rocked the name: Spencer Grammer

Names That Start With T

Tanner, Tatum, Taylor, Tegan, Temple, Terry, Tobey, Tommie, Toni, Tori, Tristan, Tyler

Celebs who rocked the name: Taylor Swift

Names That Start With V

Val, Valentine, Valerie

Celebs who rocked the name: Valerie van der Graaf

Valerie van der Graaf pictured at the  Icons & Idols No. 3 event
(Credit: Getty)

Names That Start With W

Wallis, Wesley, West, Wylie

Celebs who rocked the name: Wallis Day

Names That Start With X

Xylan, Xenia

Celebs who rocked the name: Xenia Seeberg

Names That Start With Y

Yvon (or Yvonne)

Celebs who rocked the name: Yvonne Strahovski

Names That Start With Z

Zane, Zana, Zola (or Zora)

Celebs who rocked the name: Zora Andrich


We hope you’ve gotten the inspiration you were looking for with our list of masculine girl names. Whether it’s to foster your child’s choice of gender identity as they grow-up, or to challenge the still-expanding world of gender norms – giving a masculine or gender-neutral name to a baby girl can give them a lot of freedom as they grow older.

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