Light up the room with the best personalised candles to gift or add to your own collection

It's a candle they'll never want to burn.
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We dare you to find someone that does not love candles. Impossible! 

They make the perfect gift to mark birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, to show your appreciation or even just as a treat to yourself. So how can you make candles even better? You personalise them. 

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If you’re anything like us then your candle collection is bordering on hoarding. They set the mood, they light up a room, make the house feel like a home and amplify those lovely, cosy feelings we all crave. What’s not to love?

They also make the perfect gift because they do really show how well you know someone. But to really level up your next candle gift or perhaps to just add to your own collection, make the moment even more special with a personalised candle just for them. 

They’ll love it so much they’ll never want to burn it! Read on to find our favourite personalised candles to shop for your next gift or to add to your extensive candle collection. 

The best personalised candles to gift or add to your own collection in 2023

(Credit: Girls That Brunch)

Girls That Brunch Birthday Letters, $3, Hardtofind

Adorn a cake or decorate your bookshelf with these customisable letters that can come in any colourway or letter combination you may want. 


(Credit: Sunday’s Daughter)

Sunday’s Daughter Personalised Couples Candle, $45, Hardtofind

Looking for the perfect engagement or wedding gift? Look no further because this candle can not only be personalised to reflect the couple but you can also pick the scent that will light up their home with options like winter spice, sage & sea salt and more.


(Credit: Cleanse & Co)

Cleanse & Co Gemini Crystal Aura candle, $59, THE ICONIC

Want to keep it simple? Look to the stars to offer some much needed relaxation in the form of a candle. With a range of scents to match each zodiac and hand-made in Melbourne, Australia – they’ll make the perfect addition to a candle collection. 


(Credit: Kindred Fires)

Kindred Fires Birth Flower Personalised Candle, $27.30, Etsy

The perfect gift this personalised candle can be customised to scent, the recipients birth flower and can even include a sweet message that will always remind them of you. 


(Credit: MOSBEY Studio)

MOSBEY Studio This Candle Smells Like…, $14.35, Etsy

Have a friend that is a little too obsessed with their favourite celebrity? Add this personalised candle to their next gift, do some sleuthing, select a scent and present a gift fit for a mega-fan. If you’re looking for what Chris Hemsworth smells like we recommend selecting the Lemon Burst scent… Just trust us. 


(Credit: Lottie & Liv)

Lottie & Liv Personalised wood wick candle, $69.99, Hardtofind

Personalise the top of this candle with their name and have them light for the ultimate cosy-factor. The wood wick will crackle and pop to feel like you’re around a camp fire and the black raspberry and vanilla scent feels like a warm hug. 


(Credit: CandlesByTheStanils)

CandlesByTheStanils Birthday candle, $22.07, Etsy

Mark a special birthday with a special candle they will cherish every time they light it. With a huge amount of scents to choose from and customisable birth year and message to add – it makes a very thoughtful gift. 


(Credit: The Woodville House)

The Woodville House Handmade candles, $25, Etsy

Add these to bridesmaid boxes, give as a gift or mark an occasion with these special candles that have hand-engraved images on the lids of your choosing. 


LEAD IMAGE: Instagram /@sundaysdaughter

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