Add That Special Touch With These Personalised Christmas Decorations

Decorations to remember.

It is almost time to unpack that Christmas tree, untangle the fairy lights and get our homes into the Christmas spirit with an explosion of festive décor. 

Whether you like a simple Christmas tree or deck the halls from head to toe, there is something particularly special about a custom Christmas decoration just for you and your family. 

If a personalised Christmas decoration is at the top of your list or perhaps you are looking to gift a sentimental and thoughtful present to your loved one this Christmas then look no further as there are plenty to pick and choose from to find your perfect ornament. 

Read on to find our very favourite personalised Christmas decorations. 

The best personalised Christmas decorations of 2023

Bespoke Letterpress 2023 Ornament
(Credit: Bespoke Letterpress)

Fine enamel 2023 bell Christmas ornament, $32.95, Bespoke Letterpress

Commemorate the year that’s been with this gorgeous fine enamel 2023 ornament. Decorated with sweet festive illustrations, consider personalising the look with the option to engrave either a short message, or a child’s drawing for a truly special keepsake.


Caroline C personalised white star
(Credit: Caroline C)

Personalised star decoration, $35, Hardtofind

This simple ceramic white star made original with red fine line calligraphy will complement the décor of any Christmas tree, making it the perfect gift to give this holiday season.


ASOS Letter Christmas Ornament

Typo Christmas decoration in letter A, $7, ASOS

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to add some personalisation flair to your tree, then take a look at these contemporary gold letter ornaments available at ASOS. 


Jonny's sister
(Credit: Jonny’s Sister)

Personalised velvet Christmas tree bow, $50.40, Hardtofind

Cultivate the luxe look with this personalised velvet Christmas tree bow. Choose between four festive coloured velvets to accompany the snow-white customised calligraphy dawning the family name.


Bespoke Letterpress prawn decoration
(Credit: Bespoke Letterpress)

Fine enamel prawn Christmas ornament, $32.95, Bespoke Letterpress

Inspired by the Bespoke Letterpress Whitney Spicer Collection, this prawn ornament is the perfect gift for the fisherman or seafood lover this Christmas. Customise the gift with an engraved message on the back for your sea life loving friends. 


Wooden Christmas tree tag
(Credit: TwilightCraftCreate)

Christmas tree tags and place cards, $1.40, Etsy

Personalise your table setting with these handmade engraved Christmas tree decorations. Created with plywood, and personalised with laser-cutting technology these trees will give your table a unique and rustic look.


Personalised Reindeer decoration
(Credit: Twenty-Seven)

Personalised Reindeer Christmas Decoration, $49, Hardtofind

Feature the whole family in the décor this Christmas with a herd of reindeer across your tree. Choose between the small or large size ornament, or maybe even consider a mix of both to add some dimension to your tree. 


North Pole Personalised Christmas Decoration
(Credit: Bombus)

Bombus North Pole sign bauble, $97, Hardtofind

Bring the magic of the North Pole into your home with this miniature glass bauble and hand painted sign, personalised with a simple engraved wooden tag. 


Personalised Christmas garland
(Credit: Twenty-Seven)

Personalised Christmas family garland, $77, Hardtofind

Welcome friends and family in during this holiday season with this stylish wooden bunting. Measuring at 7.5cm in letter height, this sign is the perfect size to display on the handrail of a staircase, or in the entryway of your home.


Personalised pet Christmas decoration
(Credit: Heather Alstead design)

Timber n Tails Christmas ornament, $24.98, Hardtofind

Get the whole family on board the customised décor train with these festive pooch ornaments. Choose from a variety of breeds, and cheerful accessories for your 2D pet to fashion. 


Personalised geometric star topper
(Credit: Twenty-Seven)

Personalised star tree topper, $75, Hardtofind

Sway away from the traditional tree topper with this geometric star alternative. Available in a mirrored silver or gold setting, personalise the look with your choice of personalised messaging. 


Personalised penguin family bauble
(Credit: Twenty-Seven)

Personalised penguin family glass dome bauble, $99, Hardtofind

What better way to symbolise the important family members in your life than in penguin form. Positioned in a blown glass bauble, this acrylic decoration is entirely customisable. Indicate the names of each person, and their child or adult status to create an ornament that will be treasured for seasons to come.


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