Brooke Blurton “wasn’t told” her sister died on Bachie

The reality star just dropped huge bombshells about her season of the show.
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Brooke Blurton has claimed she wasn’t told her sister had died during post-production after filming The Bachelorette in 2021 in a series of shocking Bachie bombshells.

WATCH: Brooke Blurton opens up on grief

Speaking to fellow former Bachelorette Angie Kent and Gogglebox icon Yvie Jones on their Two Girls One Pod podcast, Brooke opened up about the moment she found out her sister had passed.

“Literally the day that I’m saying goodbye to Darvid [Bachelorette winner Darvid Garayeli] after our two or three days rendezvous, my sister’s dead and I haven’t been f–king notified,” she revealed.

“And that’s the reality of my world. I’m this Bachelorette… they kind of put you on this massive pedestal and you’re like, ‘No, like my sister’s got schizophrenia’.

“She’s got a past history with drug and alcohol substance use. And here she is passed away.”

Brooke claimed she wasn’t told her sister died while filming The Bachelorette. (Credit: Instagram)

Brooke went on to say that dealing with the grief of her sister’s death was a real struggle, but having her winner Darvid with her only made things harder.

Confessing she “didn’t know him” truly, the reality star said that while she did love him her focus was on mourning her sister.

“All I wanted to do was be by myself and I couldn’t, I literally had this stranger in my house. Because I didn’t know him,” she said.

“I was really struggling with myself and what had just happened. I felt guilty that I wasn’t there. I was trying to deal with this new relationship. I wanted to be on country with my family.”

The winning Bachelorette couple split in early 2022. (Credit: Ten)

At the time Brooke had to battle to return home to Western Australia for the funeral, as Australia was still under the weight of countless COVID-19 restrictions.

Fortunately she was able to make it home to her family and local community to grieve her sister, however her relationship with Darvid never recovered.

“Doing publicity was the death of me… Talking about how happy you are, and you found the one and in the back of your mind you’re like, ‘I’m organizing my sister’s funeral in a two week quarantine’,” she said.

The couple split in the first days of 2022, with Brooke confessing to Angie and Yvie that she never would have approached him outside of the show.

WATCH: The Bachelorette’s Brooke and Darvid plan to return to their normal lives

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“I picked someone who I probably wouldn’t actually ever approach ever,” she said of her decision to name Darvid her winner.

“I am a First Nations woman who grew up in country and then was disconnected bouncing from home to home. I’ve got a lot of complex trauma and issues. And I’m also queer.

“I needed someone who understood me as a person and you don’t get to explore that in six to nine weeks or whatever it is.”

Though she clarified that she didn’t regret her decision, Brooke said she probably would have been more successful with someone who was “a bit more emotionally mature”.

“I picked someone who I probably wouldn’t actually ever approach ever,” Brooke said. (Credit: Instagram)

She also said the men who were cast for her season of the show weren’t really her type, as she prefers “soft femme guys” to the masculine suitors who were cast.

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