Kate Winslet set to star alongside daughter Mia Threapleton in new film

Everything you need to know about the mother-daughter duo.
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When it comes to Hollywood mother-daughter duos, several big names come to mind—and there’s a new pairing to rival them all: Kate Winslet and her daughter Mia Threapleton. 

Of course, Winslet’s icon status in Hollywood is arguably unparalleled, she’s one of the world’s most recognisable names after all. But interestingly, her daughter has managed to enter the entertainment industry with little to no commotion. Well, until now. 

Watch Below: Trailer For ‘I Am Ruth’ Starring Kate Winslet & Her Daughter

The mum and daughter have made their first film together—a television feature called I Am Ruth, and finally, Winslet has spoken candidly about seeing her daughter step into her decades-long job. 

“Actually, I was just so blown away by her,” Winslet told BBC One’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg in December 2022. 

“I mean, she didn’t need my help at all… Sometimes I could introduce her to a technical trick here and there. Just little things I picked up along the way, like changing an eye line,” she explained, adding that her daughter “appreciated that stuff.” 

So now that we have a new British acting muse to covet, we’ve researched exactly everything there is to know about Mia Threapleton. 

Kate Winslet
Winslet and her daughter Mia Threapleton in ‘I Am Ruth’. (Credit: Channel 4)

Who is Kate Winslet’s daughter, Mia Threapleton and what has she starred in?

Threapleton is a 22-year-old actor who has starred in several television series and films. Prior to being cast alongside her mum in I Am Ruth, Threapleton starred in 2022 series, Dangerous Liaisons. Ironically, her character was named Rose—though the 18th century setting was well and truly removed from her mum’s famous Titanic character of the same name. 

Threapleton also starred in 2020 film, Shadows, and back in 2014, she actually made a very brief cameo in Winslet’s film, A Little Chaos. 

Speaking to Variety about growing up with a famous mother, Threapleton revealed that it was a “special treat” to attend the film sets Winslet worked on. 

“I never actually spent much time around sets that my mum was working on. It was always a special treat. It’s a very different experience when it is happening to you, and not just something I was getting to observe from time to time” she told the publication.

“I really understand why my mum has always impressed on us how hard the work is. She is right!”

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet with her former husband Jim Threapleton and their daughter Mia back in 2002. (Credit: Getty)

Who is Mia Threapleton’s father?

The bourgeoning actor’s dad is Jim Threapleton, who was married to Kate Winslet between 1998 and 2001. They welcomed their daughter in 2000.

Mia Threapleton
(Credit: Ascent Films)

What has Kate Winslet said about Mia Threapleton? 

Winslet has expressed her relief that her daughter has a different surname to her, which has meant that even casting agents haven’t made the connection that she’s the daughter of Hollywood royalty. 

“She slipped right under the radar,” Winslet said after her daughter was cast in Dangerous Liaisons. “The people who cast her had absolutely no idea that she was my daughter. And of course, that was my biggest fear and most important for her self esteem.”

Winslet also spoke about the moment her daughter told her she wanted to become an actor. 

“That’s been a wonderful thing that I think I knew was coming. I think I always suspected. And then sure enough, a couple years ago, she turned around and said, ‘I think I would like to give it a go.'”

In her recent interview with the BBC, Winslet revealed more on-set insights on what it was really like to act alongside Threapleton. 

“It was brilliant and we had the added bonus of knowing how to push each other’s buttons, which I can tell you we can do quite well and definitely lent on that resource considerably when we were filming.” 

Their film, I Am Ruth will drop on Channel 4 in the UK on December 8. While it hasn’t been picked up by an Australian streamer as yet, there’s a good chance it will if its current popularity is anything to go by. Stay tuned.  

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