EXCLUSIVE: Why Caitlin initially thought that her relationship with Shannon was “a lost cause.”

"I’m trying hard not to let him affect my hard-won self-respect."
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It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for MAFS’ bride Caitlin McConville so far, with husband Shannon Adams admitting he was still in love with his ex during a recent episode.

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When her groom revealed his real feelings about his ex, make-up artist Caitlin, 27, tells WHO that she initially thought that the relationship with her TV husband was “a lost cause.”

Whether that is the case remains to be seen, but so far, the signs aren’t good, especially as expert John Aiken is already calling out Shannon, 30, for his treatment of Caitlin.

MAFS shannon and Caitlin
(Credit: Nine)

“You can only get to know someone as much as they allow you to,” Caitlin says.”From early on, there were moments where I felt Shannon wasn’t allowing me in at all.” She adds that being married off to a groom who still had feelings for a previous partner was the worst possible outcome for her.

“The way Shannon has behaved towards me up until this point is an almost exact replica of a situation I was in before joining the show and it was a pattern I desperately wanted to break.” She adds “I need more respect.”

MAFS shannon and Caitlin
(Credit: Nine)

Despite Shannon’s shock admission, Caitlin admits that his revelation didn’t come as a huge surprise. “There were a few other red flags about him for me, even before he admitted that he still loved his ex,” Caitlin shares. ”In the lead up to that moment, he had made a lot of comments about his ex and expressed no remorse about the things he would say.”

(Credit: Nine)

Caitlin says she has also been shocked by Shannon’s dismissive manner and says that she had concerns about her marriage, as early as on the honeymoon.

“I’m quite insecure and self-conscious,” Caitlin explains. “I’ve been through really rough times in my life where I’ve had to slowly build myself back up, so coming this difficult marriage to Shannon has triggered me – but I’m trying hard not to let him affect my hard-won self-respect – but it’s not been easy.”

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