Rebecca Breeds on puppy sleepovers, Aussie breakfasts and lawn bowls

The Aussie star opens up about missing home in Australia.
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Best known for her roles on Home and Away and Blue Water High, Aussie actress Rebecca Breeds remains passionate about the Australian Film and television industry despite now living in New York with her husband and former Home and Away co star, Luke Mitchell. The 30-year-old, originally form Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, talks about her recent role in Aussie film Three Summers and her love for Australia.

Q: You starred alongside some iconic people in the Australian comedy Three Summers, namely Magda Szubanski, Michael Caton and Deborah Mailman. How was it going to work with them every day?

A: For me growing up, this was actually a dream come true. To be working on an Australian film set with all the famous Australian iconic heroes of the industry and being equal with them was an absolute mind-blowing beautiful experience.

Q: In the film, you starred as Keevy, a down to earth pub band manager who also plays the violin and sings.

A: I don’t play the violin at all so I had to totally learn that from scratch and I think I faked it pretty well (laughs). I pretty much just had to make it look like I was playing and I did play guitar so I was pretty good with the movement. It was really fun but thank god for the magic of movie making and sound editing

Q: You don’t seem to take yourself to seriously. What do you normally do for fun?  

A: I’m a big nature girl so anything to do with nature. I love climbing trees and I love lawn bowls. Whenever I’m with my family (at home in Sydney) I love to go for an afternoon down at the lawn bowls and just hang out. It’s the Australian way. Cricket and lawn bowls, there is nothing like it in Summer. But normally I go to the park with [husband] Luke and our dog Alfie and just watch him chase other dogs. That sounds very grown up and boring but we love it.

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Q: Your dog, Alfie, often appears on your Instagram. He seems like one spoilt puppy.  

A: Alfie is two and he is a fluffy ball of fluff we can’t really live without. We named him after Alfred Hitchcock. He changed our lives in the best possible way. He is like a big teddy who you love to look after who loves you and looks up to you. We always end up chatting to the other dog parents at the dog park and then we end up having puppy play dates. Sleepovers with Alfie and friends. It sounds really lame but it really is like training to be a parent.

Q: You are currently based in the US with hubby and former Home and Away Co Star Luke Mitchell, but you still do a lot of work in Australia. Do you plan on moving back?

A: I definitely do miss Australia and I definitely want to move back home one day. We are in New York that’s we’re we are based. It was always on my bucket list to live here [in New York and I’m doing that now but now that I’m doing it, the dream has become that one day we will be able to move home to Sydney. I’m having a great time being here and I’m loving the adventure but home is definitely Australia with our families and living near the beach.  

Q: What’s the first thing you do when you visit home in Sydney?

A: I dive in the ocean. It sounds clichéd but my parents live close by now so I literally put my swimmers on and walk straight down to the ocean. Then I will go to any little café and get an Australian café breakfast with Australian coffee. The rest of the world just can’t figure out how to do avocado, haloumi and scrambled eggs with a latte. They just can’t get it right!

Three Summers is available on DVD now.

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