Bunny Hop Your Way Into Their Hearts With These Thoughtful Personalised Easter Gifts

Because yes, there is such a thing as too many Easter eggs.

If you’re searching for the perfect Easter gift to share your love and appreciation for your nearest and dearest these holidays, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Sure, chocolate eggs and bunnies are a classic gift come Easter, however if you’re wanting to go above and beyond – or are looking for something to mark a particularly special Easter – then a personalised gift can never go wrong. 

Whether you’re celebrating a first Easter holiday, wanting to shop for something more exciting than just chocolate (impossible, but we digress) or just wanting to up the ante with gifting this year, we have options to suit everyone. 

Easter is just around the corner, so hop along to find our top gift ideas to suit all these holidays. 

The best personalised Easter gifts to buy in 2024 

(Credit: Koko Black)

The Mightiest Bunny

$29.90 at Koko Black

Okay, as if we could start a gift guide without including a chocolate bunny? But this is no ordinary bunny – Koko Black’s sustainable natural milk chocolate is unmatched in flavour. You can also personalise these sweet treats with a thoughtful Easter message to take the gifting to the next level. 


(Credit: Papier Tales)

Papier Tales Personalised Children’s Easter Book

$59.99 at Hardtofind

If you’re shopping for a little one this Easter, a personalised book that tells a festive story that they can look forward to reading year after year will become a time honoured tradition in your household. 


(Credit: Daily Blooms)

Dahlia Lucky Dip

$55 at Daily Blooms

Don’t feel tied to gifts that are explicitly Easter themed, everyone loves flowers and they make a welcome addition any home year round. The wonderful thing about Daily Blooms is you can choose from an array of florals and add extra gifts like cake, chocolate or candles for an added touch. 


(Credit: Etsy)

Easter Eve Personalised Serving Board

$40 at Etsy

For the host with the most, this personalised board is ideal for a festive charcuterie night. Personalise with a custom note just for the Easter Bunny. You can even have a message for Santa on the other side so you can use it for Christmas! 


(Credit: CandlesByTheStanils)

Sending An Easter Hug Candle

$23.71 at Etsy

Everybody loves candles, and this personalised home fragrance is a festive hug in a jar. Choose from scents like bergamot, French pear, dry tobacco and hay and more, and personalise with a custom message. 


(Credit: Happy Joy Decor)

Pink Personalised Bunny Print

$37 at Hardtofind

One for bunny lovers, this adorable print is perfect for Easter but makes a great addition to nurseries or kid’s rooms year-round. 


(Credit: Fardban)

Fardban Personalised Straw Basket 

$20.05 at Etsy

Preparing for the upcoming egg hunt? Well, you’re going to need some baskets and these personalised straw totes are too cute for words. Customise them with the names of your loved ones and they can collect all of the delicious eggs and reuse them post-Easter! 


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