The one rumour Beauty And The Geek winners won’t touch

"You'll have to ask them!"
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Aaron and Karly may have won Beauty And The Geek 2022, but talk of the romantic pairings dominated the season – so why are they refusing to comment on their loved-up costars?

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Michael and Tara, Mike and Heidi and Sam and Angelique all felt sparks fly when they were matched by host Sophie Monk on the show.

All three pairings leaned into the chemistry and shared on-screen kisses, with Tara and Michael even deciding to “go steady” in one of the final episodes.

But winners Karly and Aaron are keeping their lips sealed when it comes to how their loved-up castmates are going since filming wrapped.

“You’ll have to ask them,” Aaron teases WHO when asked if the couples are all still together.

Winners Aaron and Karly aren’t commenting on their loved-up costars. (Credit: Nine)

There were even rumours of a MAFS-style ‘partner swap’ after Sam was spotted out with beauties Tara and Tegan, but Aaron suggested that scandal wasn’t what it seemed.

“It’s really good that we’re keeping in touch,” he says.

“This is just once in a lifetime experience that we’re probably never, ever going to be able to repeat again. And each of us have walked out of this with 19 new friends.”

Karly added that the entire cast share a “massive group chat” where they keep up to date with one another’s lives.

The whole cast share one massive group chat. (Credit: Nine)

“Some days at the end of the day, I’ll get on my phone and I have to scroll back through hundreds of messages because they’re all just talking in this group chat,” she laughs.

Several castmates have also been spotted out on the town together since filming wrapped, proving the bonds between the cast weren’t just for the cameras.

Aaron adds: “I promised myself that I’m definitely going to keep in contact with all 19 of them.”

Though he and Karly didn’t form a romantic connection, the winning couple revealed to our sister site Now To Love that they knew they were right for each other early on.

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“It’s going to sound crazy to some people, but when he walked out onto that field… and I’ve said this to Aaron, it was a little bit of like a light bulb moment,” Karly explained.

“It was almost slightly spiritual for me. I tunnel-visioned. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just knew he was my boy from the start. And look at us now.”

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