Abbie Chatfield apologises to fan for refusing to sign merch

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this."
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Abbie Chatfield has taken to her Instagram Stories to apologise to a fan for ignoring her at a taping of The Masked Singer.

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Filming from her bed, she revealed that her boyfriend, Konrad Bień-Stephen, had told her she’d accidentally ignored a fan who was trying to get her attention on Saturday.

“Konrad just told me something that was really f—-ed up, so if this was you, can you please DM me and let me know,” she addressed the unnamed fan.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this,” she said to Konrad, flipping her camera to show him her middle finger.

Abbie reprimanded Konrad for not telling her about the fan sooner. (Credit: Instagram)

“So, what happened was, on Saturday at the filming of The Masked Singer, apparently someone asked me in our break – in between performances we have a break … but I probably sat at the panel because I probably didn’t need to wee or something,” she recounted.

“Anyway, so I was sitting at the panel apparently and then someone asked me to sign their Vush, and like I didn’t know that happened,” she continued, referencing the company she collaborated with to release her sex toy.

“Konrad said everyone was looking at me. I’m not sure why Konrad didn’t tell me this earlier and why Konrad didn’t yell out ‘Abbie!’”

“I would obviously have done it and obviously have spoken to you,” she reassured the fan.

Abbie posted this backstage snap from the show’s set. (Credit: Instagram)

“I was probably googling information and really concentrating, because I really concentrate on my guesses in the breaks,” Abbie said.

“I definitely didn’t hear you,” she confirmed.

While Abbie promised to make the girl an apology video, she went on to find out that she’d be attending the taping of The Masked Singer finale, and promised to make it up to her then.

The new judging panel for The Masked Singer 2022. (Credit: 10)

This is Abbie’s first year on the judging panel of The Masked Singer, as she steps up alongside Chrissie Swan and Mel B to replace Urzila Carlson, Dannii Minogue, and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.

However, not all fans are excited to see her joining in on 10’s hit-making show.

“Just saw the ad and already so disappointed, why the hell is Abbie even considered any kind of a celebrity to be a judge?” one fan commented on Instagram.

“Omg wtf is this judging panel. When you have to use reality TV people it’s time to give up,” another added.

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Despite this, Abbie has been sharing a number of behind-the-scenes looks at the show, promising a massive season ahead for all fans.

She posted a selfie from backstage last week, encouraging viewers to tune in once the show airs.

“Can’t wait for you to see the new season. If ya haven’t watched before, it will only take one episode to get you hooked,” she wrote.

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