How Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bień-Stephen’s romance ended

They were couple goals... until now.
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After appearing on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor Australia in 2019, Abbie Chatfield made a name for herself as an influencer with a lot to say, but she always kept mum on her relationships. That is, until Konrad Bień-Stephen came around. 

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield’s relationship style with Konrad Bien-Stephens

While Abbie speaks about everything from sex positivity to celebrity culture on her aptly titled podcast, It’s A Lot, as well as her nightly radio show, Hot Nights, she usually steered clear of her love life.

But when she and Konrad started dating in 2021, Abbie chose to let her relationship into the spotlight for the first time, sharing couple snaps and loved-up stories on Instagram.

Konrad even appeared on her podcast and radio show, where Abbie was happy to share new details about their romance – like the fact they were in an open relationship.

(Credit: Instagram)

But the reality TV star turned media personality has sworn she’ll never make her romances public again after her split from Konrad made headlines in August 2022.

Keep reading to see how the couple came together then fell apart in a highly publicised split.

How did Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bień-Stephen meet?

Konrad caught Abbie’s eye when he appeared on The Bachelorette Australia 2021. The season when her friend, Brooke Blurton, was the Bachelorette.

Abbie gushed about Konrad’s good looks on her podcast and vowed to bring him on for a chat if he was eliminated. 

Hearts around the nation broke when the fan-favourite was sent home by Brooke. But, around the same time, the reality TV contestant was caught canoodling with Abbie in Byron Bay – so Bachie fans were obviously overjoyed by the result.

“Abbie’s an amazing girl!” Konrad tells WHO. (Credit: Instagram)

The rumours that they had fallen for one another were confirmed to be true, the day after his elimination aired.

“Meeting her was totally random,” Konrad told WHO after the finale, revealing that a mutual friend introduced them over drinks in Byron. “When I met her, we got along like a house on fire.”

“We have talked since then about the whole [Bachie] experience, but at first it was really just that I thought she was rad. We got along so well. As much as I’m super grateful to have met Brooke – Abbie, what can I say? She’s an amazing girl and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

In an interview with our sister site marie claire, Konrad added that Abbie is perfect for him.

“I just think she’s got something so special about her,” he said. “She’s so smart and witty and hilarious. And aside from the fact that she’s stunning—she’s got beautiful eyes—she’s super smart and the banter is great.” 

Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien Stephens
Konrad and Abbie are all loved-up. (Credit: Instagram)

When did Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bień-Stephen make their relationship public?

After teasing the relationship on TikTok with a “soft launch” – AKA a video with a present, but not fully visible Konrad – Abbie went on to “hard launch” their relationship with an Instagram carousel. She even poked fun at herself in the caption, joking about how she said she would “never talk about who I’m dating publicly.”

Given they were both already public figures, it made sense for the couple to share their romance publicly. After all, it would be pretty hard to hide their relationship from the world after making names for themselves on the Bachelor franchise.

Abbie continued to share details of her romance with Konrad with fans and followers, even revealing she and Konrad were in an open relationship in early 2022. Speaking about the arrangement on her podcast, the reality star said: “Mummy and daddy aren’t breaking up. We’re just having a different structure to our relationship. So we’re open. We’re in an open relationship which we love.”

Both she and Konrad slept with other people while in their open relationship, but Abbie confirmed there were “rules” that they both followed to make it work in a healthy way.

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield says she’s in an open relationship

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What happened between Brooke Blurton, Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bień-Stephen?

When Abbie posted her “hard launch” on Instagram, fans assumed her friend Brooke was all good with the relationship. Especially since Abbie was set to appear on-screen in the finale of The Bachelorette Australia the next day.

However, in a series of posts Brooke made it clear she was not happy with the situation and called it “a very clear display of narcissism” in a lengthy statement.

Addressing the issues – especially those raised by Brooke about a white woman taking the spotlight off the first-ever Indigenous, LGBTQIA+ Bachelorette – Abbie said she was “neglectful”.

“I didn’t understand – I was neglectful in not thinking about the impacts of me as a white woman in the media, and a public figure, uploading that during that time, so that was very neglectful, it was a mistake, I wish I had waited three more days… that is what occurred,” she said on her podcast following the online exchange.

While they haven’t addressed it since, Brooke has now re-followed Abbie on Instagram following the apology.

brooke blurton and abbie chatfield
Brooke and Abbie first bonded over their shared Bachie experiences. (Credit: Instagram)

The heartwarming moment Konrad said “I love you”

When you know, you know. And it seems that Konrad knew it was the right moment to say those three magic words when Abbie went with him to Melbourne.

Organising a cosy spread in the back of his ute, Konrad planned to take Abbie on a date to a drive-in movie – after hearing her mention them on her podcast.

“On my podcast I always say how I want to go to the drive-in movies and no one has ever taken me and he listened to the podcast… and organised all this,” Abbie revealed in a video shared to her TikTok. 

“When we arrived I started sobbing. Full on sobbing. This man treats me better than I thought anyone ever would and is the most thoughtful, beautiful little angel on the planet. I never thought I would find anyone like him, so the tears were flowing.

“And he was like you know why I did this? Because I love you.” Watch the sweet clip below.

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Are Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bień-Stephen still together?

While it seemed like things were smooth-sailing for the couple for a while – they moved in together and even adopted a dog – rumours began to swirl that they split in August 2022.

Fans began to notice around they were appearing less and less on each other’s social media accounts, but Abbie initially chose not to comment on the rumours they’d split. A source then told Daily Mail Australia that Konrad had confirmed the breakup to his castmates while filming new reality TV show The Challenge.

“Konrad said he was single and his relationship with Abbie Chatfield was over because she broke up with him,” the source said. “On the first night of filming he hooked up with Megan. I didn’t know what was happening.”

As the gossip took off, Abbie was quick to dispel any drama.

Abbie and Konrad also adopted a dog together, Marco. (Credit: Instagram)

“Hey!!!! I’ve seen the articles about Konrad,” she wrote. “He’s out of the country so I won’t be commenting on anything until he’s home. Can everyone not be so dramatic pls and relax. Both of us are totally okay.”

Fans eagerly awaited an update, hoping that Konrad and Abbie would announce they were still very much in love – but sadly that wasn’t the case. In the first days of September, Abbie took to Instagram to confirm she and Konrad had called it quits but insisted there was no “drama”.

“I guess I wanted to confirm that yeah, Konrad and I have broken up. We’ve been broken up for a couple of months now,” she said on Instagram. “No one did anything bad or awful, there’s no drama to it. It was not because we were in an open relationship… Nothing bad happened.”

She added: “I probably won’t ever share my relationship publicly again to be honest because this whole situation and the way the media have f–king reported on it… like it’s a game, like my relationship is a game… it’s quite f—ked.”

So there you have it. Their romance is over and we have a feeling our social media feeds will be a little less bright because of it.

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