EXCLUSIVE: Amy Shark shares her biggest pinch-me moments

'I've had so many people lift me.'
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Amy Shark has had a crazy couple of years. Despite being a veteran of the music industry – she played in a punk band in high school and released two albums as Amy Cushway in 2010 and 2012 – it was Shark’s 2016 single Adore that truly introduced her to the world.

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Her 2018 album Love Monster became a huge hit around the globe and was lauded by artists and friends including Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman.

It seemed like overnight success for the girl from the Gold Coast, but it was actually anything but.

“It’s definitely been a crazy time,” the 34-year-old singer tells WHO. Here, Shark, who now lives in Sydney with husband Shane Billings, dishes on her downtime, her upcoming tour and new album, and her top pinch-me moments …

Amy married husband Shane in 2013 and in 2019 he became her manager, too. (Credit: Instagram)

How are you feeling about releasing your new album, Cry Forever?

I feel good. I mean, I’ve been here before with previous albums, and in the lead up I get a little anxious and nervous; that was definitely the case with Cry Forever because it was held back, thanks to the pandemic.

I feel like I’ve been holding the songs so close for so long. I think it’s human to second guess yourself, too, and be like, “Is this still great?” Now that it’s out there though, I feel good. I’m really proud of it and I’m excited that people get to hear it finally.

Because of the delay, were you tempted to keep hitting refresh on the songs?

No, I made a conscious effort not to and not to overthink things, too. During any lockdown time, I worked on the songs I had, just making sure I was happy with
the mixes. On Love Monster I was touring so much, so I didn’t really get that time to tinker. This time I got to really sit with the songs and make sure every single song was exactly how I wanted it. 

Amy has worked with good friend Ed Sheeran on new tracks. (Credit: Instagram)

You’ve worked with some incredible talent like Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban on this album. What was that like for you?

It’s great! Ed co-wrote Love Songs Ain’t For Us with me [it features on Cry Forever]. He’s such a legend and so easygoing. Keith’s a legend, too. I’d love to hang some s–t on him but he really is Mr Perfect. People don’t understand how funny he is, too, he’s hilarious. Getting to work with those guys has been a pretty incredible experience.

You’ve probably had a few pinch yourself moments over the years. Which ones stand out?

There are so many. I used to always be in the mosh pit at Splendour in the Grass, so playing on the main stage at that festival a few years ago was a moment. I always watched the ARIAs on TV to see my favourite bands, so to then walk the red carpet at that event was incredible. When I was growing up, I worshipped Blink-182 and thought Travis Barker was the best drummer in the world. Now Travis is a friend of mine and he’s drumming on my track C’Mon. It’s so crazy!

You’ve had some incredible support …

Yes, I’ve been really lucky. Keith asked me to perform with him at the 2018 ARIAs. I was pretty new to country music but he reached out and that’s how I first got to know him. He’s one of those artists who wants to bring people up; Russell’s the same. He wants to connect with new people and he wanted to lift me and help me get to the next level. I’ve had so many people lift me along the way and offer their knowledge and guidance. Whenever I have any sort of questions, Russell is there – he’s a really great mentor!

Elton John described Amy’s album Love Monster as “fantastic.” (Credit: Instagram)

Will you be touring soon?

Yes, and I can’t wait. When we were talking about a tour, I said to my team, “I don’t care if we have to downsize or whatever but I’m touring this album. I’m not waiting.” I’m one of those angry, impatient artists who wants to get back on a stage right now. It’s been really frustrating.

You’ve been working so hard, what’s downtime like for you?

I really like to binge crime documentaries on Netflix. I’ve started playing a bit of chess with my partner. I like to run most days and, even though it’s my job, I also really like to just write songs and mess around on music in my studio – that’s my happy place.

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Amy can’t wait to start touring again. (Credit: Getty)

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