It’s all over! Here’s who won The Bachelor 2021

In the end, it came down to Holly and Brooke.
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After weeks of extravagant dates and emotional rose ceremonies, Jimmy Nicholson’s Bachelor winner has finally been revealed!

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelor Australia finale: Jimmy chooses Holly

In the end it came down to marketing manager Holly Kingston, 27, and occupational therapist Brooke Cleal, also 27.

Even his family were divided with the decision as his dad and sisters were Team Brooke whilst his mum was all about Holly.

But on Thursday night, the handsome pilot declared his love for Holly against the stunning backdrop of Uluru in the Northern Territory.

“For me, love is getting home from a tough day a work together and cooking. It’s me leaving a note on your pillow when I know I’m not going to be there when you get home, it’s having a fight, making up and growing from it, and I can’t want to experience all these things with you. Thats what this ring represents,” Jimmy stated, before presenting her with a stunning Larsen Jewellery ring.

“Hol I want you to know that I am in love with you and I can’t wait for what the future has in stall for us.”

Sealed with a kiss! (Credit: Ten)

In the lead up to the finale, Holly was the bookies’ favourite to win Jimmy’s heart and the ninth season, with odds at 1.40.

The blonde beauty also had the tick of approval from several Bachelor alumni from the moment she entered the mansion.

Jimmy had to choose between Holly and Brooke. (Credit: Ten)

“Calling it right here. In for the win,” Chelsie McLeod, the winner from Matt Agnew’s season, wrote on Instagram as she shared a clip of Holly’s entrance.

“Winner winner chicken dinner,” Megan Marx, who was on Richie Strahan’s season, also said of Holly.

Bella Varelis, the runner-up from Locky Gilbert’s season, also remarked: “My girl got the magic music.”

WATCH BELOW: Jimmy Nicholson meets Holly Kingston on The Bachelor. Post continues after video…

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On their first meeting in the Bachelor premiere, Holly whisked Jimmy off to a corner for a brief but memorable “date” at a makeshift version of a wine bar.

“Having this little sit down with Holly over a glass of wine, I’m just feeling really relaxed. It’s flirty, it’s fun, this feels like a real first date,” the Bachelor mused afterwards. 

“It feels like talking to an old friend. An old friend that’s really attractive.”

Another year done and dusted! (Credit: Ten)

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