The Bachelor’s Irena shares sweet wedding detail about Locky

He's well and truly embracing her Macedonian heritage.
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Over the weekend, Locky Gilbert celebrated a big milestone in his relationship with Bachelor winner Irena Srbinovska when he attended his first Macedonian wedding. And now, Irena has shared some sweet details about how Locky embraced her and her family’s culture.

WATCH BELOW: Locky chooses Irena on The Bachelor

“Celebrating love.” (Credit: Instagram)

Irena also shared a clip of Locky dancing alongside her parents ahead of the wedding ceremony as per a Macedonian tradition. 

“So this is literally the first Macedonian dancing @locklangilbert has ever seen and he was straight into it and up at the front,” the Bachelor winner captioned her video that she appeared to film from inside the bride’s parents’ house.

“So for the non Macedonians, it’s tradition to go to the bride or groom’s parents’ house in the morning to see them off to the church and yes we dance from 9am all the way into the night.”

When it came to the dancing, Locky was “straight into it and up at the front”. (Credit: Instagram)

Whilst fans gushed over the stunning couple, many couldn’t resist asking about the couple’s own plans to tie the knot.

“So happy for you both can’t wait to see you two get married,” one penned.

“When is your turn?” asked another.

“I can’t wait till you get married… so much love,” mused a third.

Fans are already impatient for Locky and Irena’s wedding. (Credit: Instagram)

Locky and Irena met whilst filming the eighth season of The Bachelor Australia and despite admitting he was in love with both Irena and runner-up Bella Varelis, the former Survivor star chose to be with his now girlfriend.

In a previous chat with WHOadventure travel guide Locky revealed that he and Irena have discussed marriage and kids, but they’re taking their time.

“We have definitely spoken about our future plans of marriage, it’s on the cards but for now we are happy with our plans of travelling around Australia,” Locky said.

“But when does happen I’m sure I will do something crazy to pop the question.”

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