Matt Agnew addresses his shocking before and after photos

The Bachelor opened up about his challenges prior to the show.
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Bachelor Matt Agnew has finally spoken out about his circulating before and after photos.

The 32-year-old opened up about how he struggled to get into shape before filming The Bachelor Australia, revealing that he’d gained weight prior to signing up.

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Anyone tuning in to this season of The Bachelor will know that Matt Agnew isn’t afraid to go shirtless for the cameras, whether it be to apply a tattoo or to appease one of the contestants.

However, the geeky yet charming Bachie told the Courier Mail that getting into shape before filming the Channel 10 show was a huge challenge.

Matt was forced to follow an extreme diet to drop the extra kilos he’d gained while studying at university. 

“I literally just couldn’t get to the gym as often. I just kind of put on a few kilos,” the astrophysicist – who has a doctorate in philosophy – said.

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Prioritising brains over brawn is a refreshing change from previous leading men on The Bachelor. 

“Leading up to submitting the PhD dissertation there was a lot of work obviously. I was running low on time [to work out],” Matt continued.

Once the Aussie hunk completed his studies, he went to great lengths to improve his physique.

Matt revealed that he followed an intermittent fasting regimen – where he eats all his daily meals in “4-6 hours.”

“So I usually only really have coffees, I don’t do breakfast. Sometimes I’ll skip lunch,” he recently told an Australian publication.

“I eat in a smaller window, sometimes only 4-6 hours in the evening. They’re a lot of proteins, lean meats, salads, yogurts.”


Once his role on the show was confirmed, Matt improved his fitness regimen too. 

“In terms of working out, I run three times a week. Just short runs 4-6kms and lift [weights] four times a week,” Matt said. 

In March, Channel 10 released Matt’s first promotional picture for The Bachelor, which was taken shortly before he began filming. 

However, Matt looked completely different in newer promo shots taken after the show had wrapped up.

(Credit: Channel 10)

The Bachelor Australia airs Thursday at 7:30 pm on Channel 10.

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