Bachelorette winner Pete Mann confirms he’s “head over heels” for new girlfriend

Spoiler: they dated BEFORE the show.
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This year’s double Bachelorette finale appeared to end, as promised, in a double dose of love for sister duo Elly and Becky Miles.

That is until the very next morning when it was revealed older sister Becky’s winner Pete Mann had called it quits just three days after filming.

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Following the shock news, the Octeine Coffee owner essentially disappeared from the spotlight, never to address to split again.

Now, he’s somewhat reappeared to confirm he’s “head over heels” for his new girlfriend, Rachel Evans.

After being spotted getting cosy at a Christmas party the 34-year-old confirmed to the Daily Mail he and Rachel had made things “official”.

Pete broke Becky’s heart three days after filming. (Credit: Instagram)

As it turns out Pete had a history with the wedding planner prior to his stint on the reality TV show. 

“Rach and I are together now for the first time. We had been seeing each other only casually before the show,” he revealed.

“After filming concluded, we reconnected and I simply fell head over heels.

“We’ve now met each other’s families and will be spending Christmas together, including a secret little getaway.”

Rachel, right, runs Hygge Studio, a wedding planning business. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking to Bachelorette Becky immediately after the finale, she admitted she had been “blindsided” by Pete calling time on their romance.

“We spent about three days together and we had a lovely time. I think that’s why I was quite blindsided when he broke it off because, you know, in those moments he was saying all the right things,” Becky told Now To Love.

“Once we were back home I gave him a little bit of space and then we had a FaceTime call and he just expressed to me that he’d realised that he didn’t really think there was a spark there.”

“I was absolutely devastated.”

Becky was torn between Pete and Adrian. (Credit: Channel 10)

Torn between her head, Pete, and her heart, Adrian, Becky believed the 34-year-old Adelaide business owner was the type of “husband material” she could build a life with.

“I thought Pete was worth the risk.”

This article originally appeared on Now To Love

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