The Amazing Race’s Beau Ryan’s secrets behind his happy home life

The star invites who into his family home and shares how he makes it work.
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He’s back on screen dashing around all four corners of the country for The Amazing Race Australia but for host Beau Ryan, home is where his heart truly is.

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“I’m loving my work right now, but getting to come home to my family is the best,” Beau, 35, tells WHO.

My wife Kara does an incredible job with the kids [Remi, 8, and Jesse, 3] when I’m away for work, which means I can go off and do the show knowing everything is all good at home.”

That family TLC was much needed for Beau after he completed filming his second season of the show, in which 14 diverse teams of two race around Australia competing for a $250,000 cash prize.

The seven-week shoot, filmed around COVID-19 restrictions and border closures, was tough.

“I had at least 30 COVID-19 tests on the road as a safety requirement and I lost 8kg filming this one,” he says. “I came home skinny as.”

“I had at least 30 COVID-19 tests on the road as a safety requirement and I lost 8kg filming this one,” Beau said of his time on Amazing Race Australia (Credit: Phillip Castleton)

How hard is it to be away from your beautiful family?

BEAU: I absolutely love this job but I miss the family like crazy when I’m on the road.

KARA: Beau’s a very hands-on dad, so I was nervous about him being away for seven weeks. Jesse is very energetic especially! Beau walks in the door and the kids are just so happy to see him. They’re like, “Let’s wrestle! Let’s go on the trampoline!” I thought the kids would really struggle while he was away but because he gave them so much of his time on FaceTime, it was actually fine.

You’ve got a great family home here, what’s downtime like for you guys?

BEAU: Well, we just got back from a campervan road trip up the [NSW] coast. Up the coast, back down, all sleeping in the van – and we survived! We love being at home, too. We’ve been in this [southern Sydney] place for four years now and we love it. We wake up every day and feel like we’re on holiday. We opened the whole place up, put the pool in and we entertain here all the time.

KARA: We built this whole home around the kids. This place is a fun, non-precious place for the kids to trash. They jump on the couch, they throw all the toys in the pool and it’s all good. We love that there’s a real family vibe in the area, too. We’re part of an amazing community here.

“Beau’s a very hands-on dad,” his wife Kara explains of their kids Remi, 8, and Jesse, 3. (Credit: Phillip Castleton)

Do you get recognised a lot?

BEAU: A little bit, sometimes. Like,I might steer clear of my local beach on weekends because it gets busy but it’s all good.

KARA: Beau’s got a real gift in that he’s able to make people happy. Often, he’ll stop and chat to someone in the street and afterwards I’ll be like, “Did you know them?” And he’ll say no. It’s important to him to make people smile and one of the things I really love about him is that he treats every single person, from a cleaner to a club president, exactly the same. He always has!

Remi mentioned she’s playing soccer this year. Are you coaching Beau?

BEAU: I help out a bit. I get more nervous watching Remi’s team than when I played [rugby league] myself! I’m a bit of a vocal sideline parent. The thing I love about watching a team of 8-year-olds play is that they’ll be right into the game and then someone will just randomly bust out a TikTok move or do some cartwheels. It’s hilarious.

Would you like more kids? You both seem to love family life?

KARA: I don’t think so but Beau seems to think we could have 10! Never say never. I’d be happy if it happened but I also like the idea of two. It’s manageable to go on holiday and be at home with two. Our two kids are very different. Remi is so quiet and calm while Jesse is a full-on ball of energy! Two is good. But Beau always says, “I can just see it happening. We’re going to be 40 and think we’re done and then [another baby] is going to be like …

BEAU: “Surprise guys!”

” We wake up every day and feel like we’re on holiday,” Beau said of the families home in South-West Sydney where they have lived for four years. (Credit: Phillip Castleton)

Will you watch The Amazing Race Australia together as a family?

BEAU Jesse’s a bit young but Remi’s right into it. Last year she fell in love with Tom and Tyler, the footy boys. This year there’s some really strong girl teams that I think she’ll love. Aside from watching the show when it’s on, Remi’s at that really fun age now where I can introduce her to a bunch of old-school movies. We’ve watched My Girl, The Little Rascals and Home Alone together. And not just because I wanted to see them!

You’ve been on TV for almost as long as you played rugby league. Does this feel like what you were supposed to do?

BEAU: I loved my footy days but I was ready for TV when I retired [in 2014 due to a neck injury].My head was still in the game at the time but physically my body was gone, so mentally it was time. I was ready to make some changes. I had a great time on The Footy Show, but coming across to Network Ten for Sunday Night Takeaway [in 2019] and now this show, it just felt like I was where I was supposed to be.

KARA: Amazing Race is such a good fit for Beau. I used to say to him, “I think you’d be great on a travel show, you can show off that sexy body and handsome face!” Actually, his personality is so much more suited to this show though, because it allows him to be more like himself. He was born to be on this show. He’s never putting on an act, he is just himself and it’s really nice to see.

Beau and Kara met in their hometown of Wollongong in 2004 and married in 2012. (Credit: Phillip Castleton)

You seem to be in a really good place, personally and professionally?

BEAU: I’m in an amazing place right now, and I feel very lucky. Things are really good. Now I’ve probably got to wrap this up here, if that’s OK? I promised the kids we’d go to Macca’s and get them chicken nuggets if they behaved for having their photos taken for this shoot today. Did I bribe them? Absolutely!

The Amazing Race Australia airs Sun.-Tue., 7.30pm on Network Ten

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