Did Bella just throw some subtle shade at Locky?

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It’s been just over a month since Locky Gilbert proclaimed his love for both Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska, only to choose the latter at the end of The Bachelor. But in a telling Q&A with fans, Bella has hit back at Locky’s controversial decision.

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis hits back at Locky Gilbert in YouTube Q&A

The 25-year-old freelance creative uploaded a video to YouTube answering fans’ questions ranging from everything to her experience on The Bachelor to her favourite beauty products, but one about Locky caught her attention.

“Ooh good question,” Bella mused as she read it off her phone from her Sydney home.

“If tables were turned and you found out he said he loved Irena and picked you would you stay with him?” she read out, before taking a suspenseful pause as she ate an apple.

“Probably not,” she answered with a cheeky giggle.

Bella went on to explain her thoughts, admitting that she’s unsure of what she would’ve done.

“It’s hard to give an answer for a situation that you’re not in. Would I stay in a relationship knowing that he loved someone else? I’m not sure, that’s a hard question.”

Bella said she probably wouldn’t stay with Locky if he’d chosen her and said he loved Irena as well. (Credit: YouTube)

Bella was left dumbfounded during the Bachelor finale when Locky admitted that he couldn’t see a future with her, despite professing his love for her the day before.

“When I told you I love you, like, I meant every single word,” Locky said to a confused looking Bella on their final encounter.

“But… I have fallen in love with two girls. And I know you don’t, like, sort of see where your future is at the moment. I think I need just a little bit of certainty. I just don’t know if I can see us working,” he finished.

Locky was in tears when he ended things with Bella during the finale. (Credit: Network 10)
Once the show was done and dusted, Bella revealed to her fans in an Instagram post that when the former Survivor star had told her he loved her she “believed him and trusted him whole heartedly.”

“We connected on so many levels right from the beginning, some you saw, but most you didn’t. Having three months outside of filming completely changed the aspect of the show, it brought normality to the connection and we grew into what felt like a real relationship,” she confessed.

“Looking back; I’m proud of myself. I gave it my all, I was true to myself and I wore my heart on my sleeve. Whilst it’s not my fairytale ending, the laughs and the memories will last a lifetime,” she added, before thanking everyone who lent their support to her along the way.

Locky and Irena are still together and have moved to Perth. (Credit: Network 10)

Locky and Irena are currently going through the final stages of hotel quarantine before starting a new life in Perth, but Locky appeared to throw some shade at Bella back when they were enjoying their last days in Sydney.

When one fan commented on a photo Locky uploaded of himself and Irena on a hike, writing: “Oh no thanks for the invite! Looks fun,” the 2020 Bachelor replied, “have to have some secrets. We not to keen on the whole Bondi vibe. Give us the mountains any day 😂”

Since Bella and her Bachelor bestie Bec Cvilikas live together in Bondi, it’s probably for the best that she and Locky are on opposite ends of the country. 

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