A definitive list of the best Bachelor transformations

Our favourite physical and emotional glow-ups.
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We love to see a transformation take place, especially if it’s one we can track across one of our favourite franchises, The Bachelor.

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We’ve now had ten seasons of The Bachelor, seven seasons of The Bachelorette, plus three sneaky seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, meaning there’s quite the cast of characters to keep up with nowadays, as many keep returning to the small screen in hope of finding love.

We’ve watched some blossom across a few seasons, while others have kicked off on social media, to the point where we forget they were just once baby-faced contestants all dressed up for a cocktail party.

We’ve also included some of our favourite ‘journey glow-ups’, because watching a rejected contestant go on to live a successful life is sometimes the only happy ending we need.

Without further ado – our favourite Bachelor transformations!

(Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Matt Agnew

Matt was the 2019 bachelor, and has since probably taken the title of ‘most dramatic’ transformation from the franchise – all because of his hair. Matt spent most of 2020 and 2021 growing out his hair, which now reaches past his shoulders, and looks so lush that shampoo ads are probably jealous. He’s still rocking the square-frame glasses, and loves a bit of science, but we’re much too distracted by his mane to pay attention to much else.

(Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Abbie Chatfield

Abbie Chatfield took her ‘villain’ status on Matt’s season and flipped it on its head, using her national lack of popularity to draw attention to unnecessary slut shaming, bullying, and cruelty from the online community while her season was airing. And now, she’s a full-time influencer, podcast host and television presenter, with a book in the works. She’s also glowed up since her days vying for Matt’s heart, but we honestly think her unmatched confidence is her greatest feature.

(Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Timm Hanly

Timm with two M’s stole our hearts on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette, with his free-wheeling attitude towards life and his long beach waves. While he didn’t win, he did make it through to second place, and went on to star on Bachelor in Paradise, where he had a brief fling with Brittany Hockley. The changes to his hair make Timm seem quite transformed – he’s gone from a dark, cropped look, to a peroxide mullet, and is now sporting a slicked-back blonde approach. We’re fans!

(Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Ciarran Stott

Ah, Ciarran. Part of us is still convinced that Angie might have ended up dating the English lad if he hadn’t exited the show early due to a death in his family. However, he didn’t come off too well on Bachelor in Paradise, and has since kept a pretty low profile, foraying into the world of boxing, of all things. Ciarran was recognisable for his flaxen mane of hair, which was often styled in braids, or in a thick bun. It’s now been cropped short, and when he’s not sporting his blonde locks, it’s because they’re often dyed pink.

(Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Brittany Hockley

This transformation is about a little more than hair, although that is included. Brittany has come a long way since her time on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, where he famously did not pick either Brit nor Sophie Tieman, his two finalists. She’s now a successful podcast host alongside fellow Bachelor alum, Laura Byrne. She also went blonde for a bit, but is now back to her signature dark locks.

(Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Alisha Aitken-Radburn

Nick Cummins’ trainwreck season seemed to be the season of glow-ups, because we’ve loved watching how far Alisha Aitken-Radburn has come since her days of being villainised on the show. While it could just be that Alisha seems a little older and wiser now, we also feel her glow-up has been more than physical. She’s a successful podcast host and influencer. We love watching her thrive.

(Credit: Ten)

Brooke Blurton

We couldn’t make this list without including Brooke, who has come so far since her stint on Nick Cummins season. She came in third originally, walking from the show when she realised that Nick didn’t know what he wanted, a step ahead of the rest of the world. She went on to become Australia’s first openly bisexual and First Nations bachelorette. While she hasn’t ‘transformed’ so much physically apart from a few highlights, we’re adoring seeing this authentic, lively version of Brooke.

(Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Tim Robards

How could we forget the original bachelor? He might be worlds away from his rose days, but he’s still as loved up as ever with his winner, Anna Heinrich. The now-actor shares a daughter, Elle, with the former lawyer. And they are every bit the happy family. Appearance wise, Tim is ever-so-slowly becoming quite the silver fox – and we are lapping up every second of it.

(Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Alex Nation

She may have won Richie Strahan’s heart on the fourth season of The Bachelor but, since their split, Alex has made a different life for herself. Not only has she traded her long blonde locks for a short brunette bob, the mum-of-two has also been through quite the relationship journey. First, she appeared on Bachelor In Paradise where she struck up romances with both Brooke Blurton and Bill Goldsmith, both of which didn’t last. Then, she was briefly engaged to her AFL teammate Maegan LuxaNow, the reality TV alum is madly in love with her partner Carson Jory, with the couple expecting their second child together in May. She also shares a son, Elijah, from a relationship before Richie.

We do love a happily ever after.

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