Brittany Hockley and boyfriend Jordan Thompson’s sweet reunion

"After months apart I’m grateful to be back with my favourite moustache."
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It’s been three months since Brittany Hockely has seen her tennis player boyfriend Jordan Thompson in the flesh, and now the two have reunited in Spain and love never looked so good.

WATCH BELOW: Brittany Hockley films boyfriend Jordan Thompson in Spain

Taking to Instagram, the former Bachelor star, who is in isolation for the next three months, shared a loved-up couple photo as well as a cheeky video of herself filming Jordan taking a nap, twitching in his sleep.

“After months apart I’m grateful to be back with my favourite moustache (it’s finally growing on me, much slower than it grows on him ),” she captioned the post.

“@jordanthompson2004 was so excited to see me he could barely contain himself. The twitch though…. Better have been dreaming of me Slowy!”

After three and a half months apart, Britt and Jordan are back in the same country. (Credit: Instagram)

Britt and Jordan’s fans shared their excitement at the reunion in the comments.

“Cuties,” tennis player Nick Kyrgios penned.

“This is true love and, we love love!” wrote another.

“My little heart is bursting with excitement!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ waiting for lots of soppy love updates,” noted a third.

“We don’t understand personal space.” (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking on her podcast Life Uncut with co-host Laura Byrne, Britt added that the nerves hit ahead of her and Jordan’s reunion.

“I was actually so nervous, and I don’t know why because I’m not a nervous person,” the radiographer confessed, adding that they had been together for three and a half months and apart for roughly the same amount of time.

“So at this point I was like ‘What if it’s not the same? What if it’s changed? What if he doesn’t like me anymore? What if I don’t like him anymore?’ Even though we’ve Skyped every single day and we’re obsessed with each other I think that those feelings were normal.”

However things were all good once they were finally back together.

“It was literally like a day had gone past, like there’d been no time between us.”

The Bachelor star flew out on an empty plane and had to pay an extra $1,000 for her extra bag. (Credit: Instagram)

However, Britt’s travel plans got off to a bumpy start when the police were called to the airport after a paparazzo showed up.

What’s more, she was then charged an extra $1,000 for her extra bag and when asked if she could upgrade, was denied.

“FYI first class and other cabins had a few people in there. I get that they need to make money, but not being able to do it on the website OR over the phone then being stung for $1k at the airport and no upgrade when I’ve paid the money anyway and it made no difference once on the plane…seemed a lot,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Like, $1k for an extra bag under any circumstance is redic.

“Asking for the upgrade is not being ‘entitled’ but that’s what it costs to bid for the upgrade anyway and the seats were empty. I’ve never flown anything but economy ever so would have been nice seeing as though I paid the extra anyhow.”

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