Bella hits back: “I haven’t ‘slept around with Bachie boys’!”

Turns out Locky isn't the only Bachelor this contestant has dated!
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The Bachelor star Bella Varelis is the frontrunner tipped to win Locky Gilbert’s heart this season.

But the stunning 25-year-old is facing accusations from fans that she’s not on the show purely for love, as her relationships with several former stars from the Bachie franchise have been revealed.

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Bella, who is based in Sydney and works as a freelance digital marketing creative, previously dated model Samuel Johnson, one of the stars on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Image: Instagram
Bella and Sam pictured during their time together. (Image: Instagram)

Sam was famously sent home very early on in the season, after he admitted he was only on the show to further his career.

The model then went on to date another reality TV star, Noni Janur, who was on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor, for three years, before the couple split earlier this year.

Image: Channel 10
Sam (right) pictured with Georgia Love during the 2016 season of The Bachelorette. (Image: Channel 10)
Image: Instagram
Former The Bachelor contestant Noni (left) dated Sam for three years, before the couple split earlier this year. (Image: Instagram)

Bella also dated a contestant on the US version of The Bachelorette, Dean Michael Unglert, and is friends with Courtney Dober, another contestant on Georgia Love’s Bachelorette season.

The gorgeous star is also pals with The Bachelor 2017 winner Laura Byrne and Survivor star Brooke Jowett.

When Bella first announced to her followers that she would be starring on the reality show, Laura commented on her post: “So excited for you honey, that’s my girl.”

Brooke also frequently likes and comments on Bella’s posts with supportive remarks, despite being romantically involved with Locky during their time on Survivor

Image: Instagram
Former The Bachelorette contestant Courtney Dober (left) with Bella. (Image: Instagram)

But Bella has hit back at suggestions her links to the Bachie franchise are any more than just a coincidence, after some fans accused her of being a “bad actress” simply playing up her feelings for Locky, purely for the cameras.

“I’ve never moved to LA, I’ve never wanted or tried to be an actress in Australia, never wanted or tried to get work as an actress in LA and certainly am not acting on the Bachelor,” Bella replied to one fan in an Instagram comment in response to the accusations.

“People like to fabricate stories in order to maintain some sort of relevance and feel important. It’s unfortunate that you and many other people have believed it but I can confirm – my tears weren’t acting, they were real (hence why you’d think it was bad acting – because it wasn’t acting at all).”

She also slammed claims she only dates men in the Bachelor franchise, clarifying that she dated Sam before he was a reality TV star.

“I haven’t ‘slept around with Bachie boys’,” Bella added in her comment.

“I dated my ex before he even did the show, show people see a few dots and like to try [to] connect them when they have absolutely no reason to be connected to justified. Nevertheless, thank you for your opinion and for thinking you know me.”

Image: Channel 10
Bella and Locky pictured on their first single date. (Image: Channel 10)

Bella is currently the bookies’ favourite tipped to win Locky’s heart, alongside loveable nurse Irena Srbinovska, 31, but has been forced to defend herself against claims from eliminated contestant Nadine Kodsi that she and Locky met before filming started and made a “secret pact” to ensure she wins the show.

Locky shut down the suggestions last week.

“I had never met Bella prior to her arrival on The Bachelor red carpet,” Locky told Daily Mail Australia in a statement at the time.

He also rejected suggestions he and Bella were “set up” by fellow Bachie stars Matty J and his partner Laura, who are both good mates with both Locky and Bella.

“Individually, Bella and I know Matty J and Laura, however claims that we were introduced by them, or that we had made any kind of secret pact are completely false,” Locky explained.  

Bella herself also shut down claims made by Nadine that she first met Locky during a previous trip to Bali, where the adventure guide’s business is based.

“I haven’t been to Bali in five years and it genuinely baffles me the lengths people will go to,” Bella told The Herald Sun.

“I’ve never even watched Survivor,” she added.

“I didn’t even have a conversation with Nadine. I don’t listen to it [her claims] because 99 per cent of it would be complete bulls–t.’

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