Chris Hemsworth reveals: “Why Elsa never gets jealous!”

Envy? Elsa doesn't know her!
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It would be no surprise if the intense attention Chris Hemsworth receives from female fans was enough to slightly rattle even the most secure spouse.

But the Thor star says his wife Elsa Pataky never gets jealous of of other women – and he’s revealed the heartwarming reason why.

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Speaking in an interview with New! magazine, Chris was asked if the Spanish actress ever gets jealous, and replied, “No, not at all – she knows I only have eyes for her.”

While he admitted the pair’s marriage is not perfect, he said they make a conscious effort to keep their union strong.

“There are challenges and you have to work hard – a good marriage doesn’t just happen.”


Image: Instagram
Chris says Elsa is “never” jealous of the female attention he receives. (Image: Instagram)

Elsa has also previously spoken about the refreshingly normal nature of the couple’s marriage – and how it takes work to keep it alive.

“We’re the same as everybody else. We don’t have a special secret. We have our ups and downs,” Elsa told WHO last year. 

“Nothing is as easy and perfect as it looks. We have those moments where we shout at the kids and then we feel like horrible parents and we have to work at being a couple like everyone else.

“There are those moments where you fight, and I think you have to put a lot of effort into [your marriage]. As much effort as you put into your work, you have to put into your marriage and into being a dad and a mum. And it’s constant work.”

The couple have three children together and live in Byron Bay. (Image: Instagram)

But Elsa says she has found the ultimate supportive partner in Chris, who is more than happy to look after the kids while she takes on work projects, and he always makes her feel beautiful.

“He encouraged me to go back to work again after I stayed home with kids for a while when they were born, and to not feel guilty about it. He works with me on my lines, my accent, and we have great conversations about the characters I am playing. We are always understanding of one another because we share the same passion for what we do,” Elsa told WHO.

“He has always been really supportive of my work. We inspire each other and he always makes me feel more confident and beautiful when I’m insecure,” she said.

“He always makes me laugh and makes my kids laugh and it’s so great to have somebody like that around. He’s very honest and it’s a very important thing for me.”

Image: Getty
Both admit their marriage takes work to keep it alive. (Image: Getty)

The couple live in Byron Bay with their children – daughter India Rose, eight, and twin sons, Tristan and Sasha, both six.

Elsa and Chris first met in 2010 and tied the knot that same year.

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