Ciarran Stott caught flirting with sexy Bachelor intruder

The Bachie bad body sure does move fast...
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He’s been dubbed “the super spreader” thanks to his knack for attempting to hook up with numerous reality TV stars.

And now Bachelor in Paradise star Ciarran Stott has been caught out by fans trying to flirt with new Bachie intruder Bec Cvilikas.

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Ciarran has pointedly “liked” several of Bec’s sexy Instagram snaps, perhaps in an attempt to forge a connection with the gorgeous blonde.

When fan account Bachie Funny pointed out Ciarran’s sneaky social media behaviour, the bad boy was roasted in the comments section by fans and also by his Bachelor in Paradise ex, Kiki Morris.

Image: Channel 10
Bachelor in Paradise bad boy Ciarran Stott has been caught out flirting with a new Bachelor contestant on Instagram. (Image: Channel 10)
Image: Instagram
The gorgeous blonde only appeared on the show this week. (Image: Instagram)

“Didn’t take long 😂👀 #thebachelorau,” Bachie Funny captioned his post, alongside a screenshot proving Ciarran had liked a bikini pic of Bec.

Kiki commented on the photo, “mate”, along with a laughing emoji.

Several fans couldn’t help but laugh at Ciarran’s thirsty behaviour.

“Hahaha😂 he’s like one of those spam accounts that’s been hacked and spreads all over the internet,” one fan joked, while another wrote, “He tries to get his grubby little mits on everyone!!!”

Image: Instagram
This screenshot shows Ciarran liking one of Bec’s posts. (Image: Instagram)
Image: Instagram
He also liked this bikini snap. (Image: Instagram)

Ciarran became Australia’s undisputed bad boy of reality TV this year thanks to his behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise, where he hooked up with several contestants, including Abbie Chatfield and Kiki Morris. 

His ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett also came onto the show to expose Ciarran’s shock cheating claims.

Image: Instagram
Ciarran has become the undisputed bad boy of the season. (Image: Instagram)

Intruder Bec only made her entrance on the reality TV show this week, but already some serious sparks are flying between the 25-year-old beauty consultant and Locky Gilbert.

And thanks to leaked paparazzi photos published by Daily Mail Australia last month, we know Bec makes it to the final five in the race to win Locky’s heart.

Channel 10 has confirmed The Bachelor Australia finale will air on Thursday September 24. 

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