Dr Chris Brown: “I want children”

One of Australia’s most eligible bachelors opens up about fatherhood.
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One of Australia’s most eligible bachelors, he’s handsome, charismatic and has a serious adoration for animals. 

So what attracts The Living Room’s Dr Chris Brown?

“There’s nothing sexier than great chat,” he tells WHO. “Good banter with someone who challenges you to be smarter or funnier is just about the sexiest thing on earth.”

What’s your sexiest trait?
I’m surprising. I don’t think I’m ever how people imagined me to be. Surprise is also the trait I displayed when I found out I’d made this list.

What do you think of when you hear the word sexy?
I feel like sexy is physical but it’s also emotional and even mysterious. Sexy is confident, but never cocky or arrogant.

When do you feel most confident?
I weirdly derive confidence from stressful situations. It’s probably some sort of survival instinct, but I often wonder whether it comes from working with wildlife where they pick up any sign of weakness or doubt and seize upon it. I try to trust my preparation and then enjoy the pressure of a situation.

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(Credit: Jason Ierace)

Would you like to have children? What one piece of advice would you give them if you did?
Absolutely. It’s probably to never underestimate the value of integrity. And try to avoid marrying a girl called Prue. Prue Brown is a name no-one should have to endure.

What do you wish you could have told yourself when you were younger?
Smile when you had braces. There’s not one single amusing flashback pic for me to laugh at now!

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