Love Island Sweethearts, Jessie and Will, Open Up About Life After the Villa and Future Plans

"He's manifesting the baby!"
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Love Island, like many other reality dating shows, doesn’t have the *best* track record when it comes to relationships. Sure, there have been a few couples that have gone the distance, but many more have struggled with the drama, fame and emotions. But it’s clear Australia’s very own Jessie Wynter has found a very special and real connection with Sheep farmer Will following her stint on Love Island UK. 

Now, three months after the loved-up couple left the villa and made their way down under, they sat down with WHO to spill all the details on life during the show, and what’s next. 

Watch Below: Love Island’s Aaron and Jessie enter the Love Island UK Villa

First off, congratulations! Can you tell us a bit about what life has been like since leaving the villa?

Jessie: It has been a whirlwind since we left the villa. Very fast-paced, but we’ve been taking a lot of time to spend with our families. And life is slowing back down…

Will: Yeah, it’s been so lovely. Leaving the show, Jessie coming back and spending time with me in the UK for a couple of months. And now the roles are reversed, I’m in Australia seeing Jessie and her family, and how she lives which is just so, so sweet. 

Jessie Wynter and Will Young
“It has been a whirlwind since we left the villa!” (Credit: Instagram)

If you had the chance would you still make all the same decisions during your time on the show? Was there anything you wish you could have done differently?

W: I would change the whole of casa amor to be quite honest because it was just a massive hiccup in mine and Jesse’s relationship at the start. However, for me, kind of like the place where me and Jesse are at now – It couldn’t be any better.

J: We’re very happy with how we ended up so I guess you can’t really look back and have regrets. I’m just happy to be where I am!

Jessie, you have now experienced both the Aussie and UK versions of Love Island. How did those experiences compare? 

J: They were very, very different. I think Australia was a lot more laid back, but in saying that I did fall in love in the UK version quite early on. So I think that really changed the experience for me. It’s a lot more stressful when you’re in love like love is great, but it is stressful. I also found that in Australia, it did seem a lot more laid back. A lot more banter went on within the villa. I found the UK version was a bit more serious. The Australian version was before COVID, so we actually got an off day back there that you could leave the villa for a day and I feel like that one day getting out of the villa was really, really good for refreshing your brain. Not having that day off in the UK Villa, I think just made it so much more intense.

Jessie Wynter and Will Young
The couple have split their time in both the UK and Australia since wrapping filming. (Credit: Instagram)

I know it probably feels like a while ago now, but if you had to choose one Love Island highlight from your time on the show what would it be?

J: I think mine would have been when Will read out the poem with everyone in the villa telling me that he loves me. Yeah, that’s a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Is this the end of reality TV for you guys? Or would you do it again?

J: Definitely will not ever be doing any dating show again! But at the moment we are just kind of focusing on grounding our feet.

W: Yeah, I mean, there are so many different things, different dreams that we have, different things we want to do in the future. But like Jesse said, is just about focusing on ourselves, our family, because it’s only been like three months since leaving. It feels like it’s been such a long time honestly. It feels like you know, we were dating when we were high school sweethearts, almost like we’ve known each other all of our life. But in reality, we’ve just been out of the village for three months.

J: In saying that though, we are very spontaneous, sporadic people. So honestly, who knows what we’ll be doing in the next six months?

Jessie Wynter and Will Young
“We are taking every day as it comes and having a laugh along the way.” (Credit: Instagram)

Are you in touch with anyone else from the Villa?

W: I think we do certainly keep in contact with everyone. I think with it, especially with me working on the farm when we left the villa, that was my priority, going back to the farm and helping out my family with lambing. That was a big issue for me going into the villa with the farm it was, you know, if I couldn’t find anyone to fill in my place, I wouldn’t have actually gone to the villa. So coming off you know, for the first month to six weeks, that’s what I did. And Jesse was just a massive support for me while I was doing that because it is really intense. And you had that all the time in the villa and then coming out straight to the farm. You know, it is a lot but Jesse supported me all the way which was really, really lovely. And now we’ve come to Australia!

J: Yeah, I think one of the key differences I’ve noticed between Love Island Australia and Love Island UK is the UK is massive. So all the islanders live so far apart whereas in Australia, I remained a lot closer with a lot of the people in the villa because we were just like always in the same areas and going to the same events and same places. But the UK is huge. So it almost feels impossible to be able to catch up with everyone.

And one last, big question….what’s next? 

J: We are taking every day as it comes and having a laugh along the way.

W: I’m not gonna lie. I’m definitely looking towards marriage and a baby. Jessie says that’s in the near future. So that’s the only thing I’m climbing towards.

J: That’s what he’s manifesting, the baby!

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