Jonesy and Amanda Keller: How they make their respective marriages work

The WSFM hosts had us in stitches during their WHO's sexiest people shoot.
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Jonesy and Amanda Keller are the hosts of WSFM’s breakfast radio show and have been gracing our morning commutes with laughter and candid talk since 2005.

The pair attribute their success to their on-air chemistry and ability to connect with their audience. When humour is one of the most attractive qualities in a person, we knew we had to include this duo in WHO’s suite of sexiest stars.

How do you keep the spark alive in your respective marriages?
You need to accept that there’s going to be ups and downs and not overanalyse it. I just go with the flow.

JONESY: But you do sexy things, remember the sex vouchers you made up?

AMANDA: That was many years ago for Valentine’s Day as a joke!

Who is the sexiest person you have ever interviewed?
Jamie Lee Curtis – she’s sexy, she’s funny, she’s feisty, she owns herself and I thought she was super-attractive.

JONESY: I’m going to say Jennifer Aniston.

Photographed for WHO by JASON IERACE
(Credit: Photographed for WHO by JASON IERACE)

Who is the funniest person you know?

JONESY: Mick Molloy, I just see him and I laugh. Everything he says is funny.
AMANDA: My friend Helen. I just find her the funniest person in the history of the universe. She could do my job 10 times better than me.

How do you keep your radio show relevant?

AMANDA: I think authenticity, and that’s what and I have. We’re living the lives of our listeners. We’ve got families and kids that go to school, we have real lives and we talk openly and honestly about them. Being real and showing our flaws – that’s the ultimate sexy.

What’s the best advice you’d give to your kids?

AMANDA:  You can change your life a thousand times over. Suck it and see; give it a go.

JONESY: I always say this to them: “Life happens while you’re making plans.”

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