Who is Khanh Ong Dating? A Glimpse into the I’m a Celebrity Star’s Love Life

Is love on the menu for the MasterChef?
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In the 2024 season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Australia, the vibrant and charismatic Khanh Ong has stepped into the jungle, ready to spice things up in more ways than one.

Watch Below: Get to Know Khanh Ong

Known for his infectious energy and culinary prowess on MasterChef Australia, Khanh brings his flair for food and competitive spirit to the fore in his latest on-screen adventure.

But beyond his culinary skills, fans are curious about the man behind the apron – particularly his dating life and relationship history.

Khanh rose to fame through his time on MasterChef Australia. (Credit: Getty)

Who is Khanh Ong dating?

As of March 2024, it is believed that Khanh Ong is single. While Khanh’s culinary journey is well-documented, his personal life, especially his dating history, has remained out of the public eye. 

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald in April 2023, Khanh shared his views on relationships, expressing scepticism towards traditional monogamy and highlighting his current focus on career over romance.

“I dated a guy for a year in 2019. We weren’t exclusive, but when we decided to make it exclusive, he ended up cheating. That made me put myself first and changed the way I look at life and relationships,” he shared.

Despite the challenges of past relationships, Khanh has shared that he remains open to love – embodying a modern approach to dating that values independence and mutual respect.

Khanh revealed that his previous relationship “made me put myself first.” (Credit: Instagram)

Khanh Ong and Matt Agnew 

Despite remaining open about his singledom, Khanh’s dating life has not come without scrutiny, including myriads of rumours about the nature of his relationship with former Bachelor star Matt Agnew.

Dating speculations arose surrounding the pair of besties due to their visible closeness, however, they were quick to shut down these rumours on an October 2023 episode of Khanh’s podcast Feast.

“It’s the lack of affection straight men show other men that people assume there must be something sexual there. Being affectionate and tactile with your friends, and blokes especially need to do more of this. Everyone should be comfortable enough in their sexuality that they don’t feel uncomfortable showing affection,” Matt shared.

“I think what’s confusing for people at home is it’s not a very conventional gay man/straight man relationship,” Khanh continued. 

The two former reality stars have remained close friends. (Credit: Getty)

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