Megan Marx responds to backlash from Abbie Chatfield following controversial ADHD comments

"You’re way out of line."
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Megan Marx has responded to backlash regarding her opinion that ADHD has become a “trend” in a lengthy statement on Instagram.

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield responds to Megan Marx’s controversial ADHD opinion 

“Alright. Hold up,” she began. “Let’s get a few things straight. I’m not “coming after” specific people or influencers. I’m not making blanket statements. ADHD is real & from what l’ve (mostly) seen, (some of) these viral clips and the influencers that are spreading ADHD awareness (esp amongst women), are building a strong community and helping destigmatise ADHD. Fantastic.”

She clarified that she was “misdiagnosed for decades” which led to addiction to medications. 

“However, there’s a dark side that is clearly not being discussed. I know a bunch of people that got “diagnosed” even though they claim not to have ADHD (faked or stretched the truth significantly), because they like the effects of amphetamines. & we all know that dexamphetamine and methylphenidate are used (aside from being used as REAL treatment which is FANTASTIC) as a party drug AND for weight loss. Ritilan is obviously not crystal meth, but it is a central nervous stimulant that should be taken seriously.

Megan and Abbie have both shared their opinions. (Credit: Instagram)

The former Bachelor star stood by her claim that the medication is “being abused” and “that there’s the possibility that social media platforms are causing self diagnoses based on superficial characteristics and stereotypes”.

“ADHD is a serious disorder that requires professional medical help, and yes, some influencers are lowering the credibility of a diagnosis. (Not all influencers, again, this isn’t a blanket statement).”

She concluded by admitting that, up until this point, the influencer had chosen to remain private about her own ADHD misdiagnosis.

Abbie called out Megan, (Credit: Instagram)

“The influencers and others that are coming for me, l’m not offended, there’s some truth in what you’ve said, and you are entitled to your opinions. I own that I didn’t talk about my “opinion” in a way that is helpful. Having ADHD and a science degree doesn’t make me any kind of expert (not being sarcastic, it really doesn’t). I’ve called out influencers for not giving a full picture, when I’ve basically done the same. For that, I’m wrong.”

Megan’s response comes after Abbie Chatfield took to her Instagram story to slam her fellow Bachelor alum’s comments about the disorder.

The Challenge star suggested that weight loss due to ADHD medications has become a new influencer trend, that pharmaceutical companies are benefiting from this, as well as criticising self-diagnoses and addiction.

WATCH: Konrad Bien and Megan Marx get together while filming The Challenge. (Article continues after video)

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The opinion caught the attention of Abbie, who didn’t hold back in her response.

“Hey queen. Thank you so much for this unfounded and invalid opinion,” Abbie said. “Thank you so f**king much you’ve decided that you think people are trying to get on medication to lose weight from ADHD medication. It’s the new influencer drug for weight loss you reckon?’

“Do you know how f**king hard it is to get ADHD medication or to get diagnosed? Do you know how hard it is?’ she asked.

“Maybe the reason we’re seeing an increase in diagnosis is because people are actually f**king understanding that ADHD isn’t just naughty boys running around and ripping things apart,’ she continued.

Megan’s opinion divided fans. (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s actually a diagnosis and a health condition that affects people’s lives.” 

The back-and-forth has sparked plenty of debate amongst fans, who were quick to choose sides.

“How about we just let the doctors decide who gets a diagnosis and who doesn’t? You’re way out of line here,” one fan wrote under Megan’s post.

“Don’t know why so many people came for you for that post,” another user wrote.

Disclaimer: Always seek the advice of a qualified health care professional with regards to medical questions or concerns. 

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