Fans confused over clip of Michael Jackson’s real voice

He sounds SO different!
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The ‘King of Pop,’ Michael Jackson was known for his incredibly high notes, but a new clip of his performance in Copenhagen in 1997 is throwing fans into a frenzy thanks to the use of his ‘real voice.’ 

Watch Below: Michael Jackson using his deep voice during a performance in Copenhagen 1997

The short clip of Michael Jackson switching octaves has led many fans to believe this deeper voice was in actual fact the singer’s real voice.

Rumours have long surrounded the late singer’s voice, with fans believing he purposely spoke and sang in a much higher pitch when in public. 

The clip, which was filmed during Michael’s BAD tour has blown the minds of many fans who are used to his usual falsetto singing. 

“This just blew my mind,” wrote one fan under the video. 

“Wow, makes him seem like a totally different person in that moment,” wrote another. 

Michael Jackson
Did Michael Jackson use a fake speaking voice? (Credit: Getty)

What did Michael Jackson’s real voice sound like?

While fans of Michael Jackson are used to his falsetto pitch on songs such as Thriller, the new clip proves that he could sing at a much lower octave. 

It isn’t known whether this lower tone was his ‘real’ speaking voice or not, other footage from Michael’s life suggests that he could have used a deeper voice in private, with fans pointing to phone call recordings as proof of the singer’s ‘real voice.’

Michael Jackson
Not all fans are convinced… (Credit: Getty)

Why did Michael Jackson speak in a high voice? 

Alongside the new footage, some fans have begun to speculate about why Michael Jackson used a higher speaking voice during public appearances. 

“I was friends with a lot of singing music majors in college and their professors told them that they should talk in their singing register,” explained one person, suggesting that Michael’s high speaking voice  “could be an adaptation to maintain his high falsetto.”

Another suggested he may have spoken in a “high voice to preserve his singing voice.”

Other viewers speculated that the video may have been fake though, not willing to believe the singer could have changed his voice so dramatically during the one song. 

“Lol, how do you guys even begin to THINK that is real?!?!” replied one person, whilst another exasperated fan replied that “people will believe anything on the internet.”

Watch Below: Michael Jackson talks about his father, Joe Jackson with Oprah 

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