Prince Charles saved by bodyguard after Australian assassination attempt

New details emerge about the terrifying event
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According to a new report, Prince Charles’ assignation attempt in Australia in 1994 was dramatically intercepted by his brave bodyguard.

On Australia day, 24 years ago, Charles was handing out awards at a ceremony in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, when a former anthropology student fired two shots and jumped on the stage.

(Credit: ABC)

Speaking to the Express, Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard Matt Fiddes said Charles’ security team should have been praised at the highest level as it is thanks to his bodyguard that the future heir to the throne is still alive.

“Charles’s bodyguard proved how great the Royal protection team are,” he noted.

“He jumped to push Prince Charles out of the line of fire.

(Credit: ABC)

“And it shows he was willing to put his own life at risk and take a bullet for his client.

“A great example of what a bodyguard should be all about.”

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