Laura Byrne’s candid confession about her “tough” pregnancy

The Bachelor star also spills the secret behind her baby's name
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Laura Byrne revealed on her podcast Life Uncut today the story behind her newborn daughter’s name and her complicated pregnancy.

LISTEN BELOW: Laura Byrne opens up about pregnancy complication

Laura and her fiancé Matty J welcomed their second daughter Lola Ellis Johnson in early February.

On her podcast, Laura clarified that her little bubba’s cute name is not inspired by her co-host Brittany Hockley, despite her pregnancy long bid for the baby to be named after her.

Laura lightheartedly recounted on the podcast how Britt believes that Laura named her daughter Lola because Britt likes using the acronym ‘lol.’

Laura with her daughters, Lola (left) and Marlie-Mae (right). (Credit: Instagram)

Luckily for the baby girl, she is not named after text slang, but Laura had been made so nervous about people thinking that she almost changed the name.

But instead, she decided to tune her friend out, joking: “I wasn’t gonna let Brittany Hockley ruin it for me!”

The name Lola came from a more personal place for Laura, who always wanted to use the name if she had another girl.

“I always thought that if I had another girl, I would name her Lola.”

The Johnson-Byrnes seem to be adjusting well to becoming a family of four, and on Monday night, the mum-of-two shared beautiful photos of them altogether.

Laura, Brittany and newborn Lola. (Credit: Instagram)

The photos include Matty J, Laura, their eldest daughter Marlie-Mae, 21 months, and their newborn styled in warm earthy tones.

While everyone is doing well now, Laura opened up on the podcast about her complicated pregnancy and that they were concerned for the baby’s health near the end of the third trimester.

Followers of Life Uncut would be aware that Laura took some episodes off and Matty J filled in for her.

She shared that the reason for her absence was due to contraction-like pain.

“I was in and out of hospital because I had to go into the hospital for pain,” said Laura.

“It wasn’t like I was kept in a hospital. I couldn’t manage the pain that I was having with Lola.”

The family wore matching tones in this photoshoot. (Credit: Instagram)

She went on to detail how the pains inhibited her from being able to do basic things.

“The pain was so severe that I couldn’t walk or talk or do anything, and by the end of it, I was in hospital and I had been given morphine, but I wasn’t in labour.”

These painful episodes were followed by distressing news that Laura’s baby may have Hydrops Fetalis.

According to Kids Health, the fatal condition is when there is a buildup of fluid “in the hollow places inside the brain.”

Laura highlighted that once the baby is born with this condition, it has a 10 per cent survival rate.

Laura holding Marlie-Mae when she was at the end of her pregnancy with Lola. (Credit: Instagram)

Thankfully, once the pain had passed, tests revealed that Lola was absolutely fine.

“When the pain went away, the levels went back to normal,” shared Laura.

The scare meant that the health practitioners wanted to induce the pregnancy, but when Lola was finally born, she came out perfect.

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