Who do Kim Kardashian’s kids really look like?

There's no denying which of these kiddos take after dad Kanye West.
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Kim Kardashian has been sharing more photos with her four children lately, but as the kids grow, it’s becoming more obvious who takes after mum and who resembles her ex, Kanye West.

The couple began dating in 2011 and welcomed their first child together in 2013: eldest daughter North West.

In 2014 they tied the knot and son Saint arrived in 2015, though Kim was given the sad news her body wouldn’t be able to handle another pregnancy.

Fortunately, they were able to have two more children via surrogate: daughter Chicago in 2018 and son Psalm in 2019.

Kim filed for divorce in early 2021 and was declared “legally single” just over a year later.

She later debuted a relationship with Pete Davidson, before the couple split up. Kim and Kanye share joint custody of their four kids.

But which of the children are carbon copies of mum Kim and which ones take after Kanye? Keep scrolling to find out.

North West

(Credit: Instagram/Getty)

There’s no denying North is the spitting image of her father. She has the same cheeky smile and facial structure as her dad, though it looks like she’s also inherited her mum’s brown doe eyes.

Though Kanye keeps his hair buzzed, North clearly got his dad’s genes there too, with tight black curls she usually wears in traditionally Black styles.

Fans are hyper-aware of the resemblance too, though some have claimed North also resembles aunt Kourtney Kardashian – to which Kim replied on Twitter: “Now this I agree with so much!!!”

Saint West

(Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Kim’s eldest son looks like another Kanye mini-me at first glace, but he also inherited plenty of his mum’s features. Just ask her.

When a fan tweeted Kim in 2021 saying that Saint looks “just like a light skin Kanye” the reality star replied, “Really? People say this all the time! Why do I think he’s my twin????”

Though Kim says Saint is her “twin”, he does appear to take more after his dad Kanye – but we’ll admit he got his mum’s eyes.

Chicago West

(Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Any time Kim shares photos with Chicago to Instagram, fans race to the comments section to gush over how much the little girl resembles her famous mum.

From her lips, to her eyes and facial structure, Chi really is Kim’s tiny twin, but the mum of four admitted on Twitter that she’s blind to it.

“What’s crazy is I don’t really see that but everyone says it!” she penned. But when celebrating Chicago’s fifth birthday, it seems like Kim can finally see the comparisons, dedicating the tribute to her “twin.”

But Chi did get something from her dad – specifically, her adorable nose and afro-textured hair.

Kim Kardashian
Do you see the resembalance? (Credit: Instagram)

Psalm West

Psalm West Fifth birthday photo
(Credit: Instagram/Getty)

Kim and Kanye’s youngest is almost a perfect mix of both parents, with Kanye’s facial structure and several of Kim’s famous features.

Fans say he looks like the spitting image of older brother Saint, but a small group of Kim’s followers think Psalm looks more like one of his cousins.

Comments always seem to pop up on photos of Psalm likening him to Kourtney Kardashian’s eldest son Mason.

One fan even said: “I feel like his Armenian side is a lot stronger than his siblings. He’s gorgeous.”

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