Remember ‘Party Boy’ Corey Worthington? This is him now

You won't believe how different he looks.
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Ever asked yourself what happened to Corey Worthington? Y’know, that infamous party boy with the yellow sunnies who threw the biggest, most out-of-control party when his parents were away back in 2008? 

WATCH: Corey Worthington’s infamous interview with A Current Affair in 2008

Well, as it turns out, he’s had a total life change, including gotten married, covered himself head-to-toe in tats, and it will absolutely surprise you.

Corey Worthington A Current Affair
Corey Worthington in his infamous 2008 interview with A Current Affair. (Credit: Nine)

Here’s what Corey Worthington looks like now

In 2008, Corey Worthington did what every other teenager wanted to do and hosted the biggest, bombastic house party ever in Melbourne.

The party, which was so wild that it got the police involved, became an infamous moment in pop culture, referenced in the 2012 film, Project X. In fact, American rapper Machine Gun Kelly once said that Corey Worthington is his “favourite Aussie”.

Corey Worthington now Australian Ninja Warrior
Corey Worthington competed on Australian Ninja Warrior in 2018. (Credit: Instagram.)

So, as it turns out, that viral moment that landed him an appearance on Sunrise, Big Brother, Australian Ninja Warrior and more set him up quite nicely.

In 2015, the teen turned reality TV star told A Current Affair that he owned his own home and was thriving. That same year, he got married to his long-time girlfriend, Mel Borg, who he first met two months after his viral event.

In 2018, taking to Instagram to reveal the exciting news of his American Ninja Warrior appearance, Corey wrote: “Looking forward to being part of Ninja Warrior season 2! Get behind it Australia.”

Now, Corey Worthington is a gym-loving, husband in his thirties.

Worthington currently keeps his private life locked up. He has Instagram but hasn’t posted recently since sharing a video of a candle for Anzac Day in 2020.

The few semi-recent photos of the once viral party boy reveals he’s now got tattoos from his neck down, and not a stranger to the gym.

Corey Worthington now
Corey Worthington showing off his tattoos. (Credit: Instagram)

Corey Worthington is married now

Corey Worthington, the once infamous teenage delinquent, is now married, and the woman he’s married to is someone he met just two months after his crazy party that made headlines around the nation.

In 2015, Worthington and his now wife Mel Borg flew to Bali for a illustrious fancy wedding.

“Mel looked so beautiful, she was gorgeous,” Corey told Woman’s Day at the time.

Corey Worthington now
Corey Worthington and his wife Mel Borg at their Balinese wedding in 2015. (Credit: Woman’s Day)

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