EXCLUSIVE: Cyrell and Eden face court over defamation case

They've been forced to reconnect under dire circumstances.
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A heavily pregnant Cyrell Paule was forced to reunite with her estranged ex-boyfriend, Eden Dally, this morning to face court.

WATCH: Cyrell and Eden reveal what happened during the Shoal Bay cafe incident they’re currently being sued over

The controversial Married At First Sight star— who confirmed she’d split from the former Love Island contestant on October 25— is currently being sued by Pelican Cafe Takeaway owner, Deborah Wilson, for defamation over racism and assault allegations. 

Cyrell and Eden were seen leaving court. (Credit: Diimex)
The ex-MAFS star looked somber as she walked beside her baby daddy. (Credit: Diimex)

If you cast your mind back to June, you might recall Cyrell posting a series of videos to her Instagram story in which she claimed Deborah called her racial slurs and physically attacked her. 

“So I’m a little shaken up right now because me and Eden (Dally, her boyfriend) were just about to leave… we just had lunch,” Cyrell said in the video.“And this lady… thought it would be hilarious while I’m walking down the street to turn around and call me a ‘f***ing black’,” she said.

Eden, who also appeared in the clip added: “[The woman] called [Cyrell] a black monkey and came outside and tried to fight her so I walked in the cafe and said ‘what’s the need to be racist and call people black monkeys?’ Then she grabbed Cyrell by the throat and pushed her and I had to defend Cyrell.

“And then they’re filming it claiming that they’re the victims — they’re pushing me, I’m saying why is the cafe (owner) coming out calling her a black monkey? (The cafe) should be shut down … You’re a disgrace, you’re an embarrassment!”

She later shared a close-up photo of her neck with the caption: “Thank u (sic)! To the racist woman… who grabbed my throat… U (sic) scratched my black monkey neck.”

Cyrell shared this photo on June 11. (Credit: Instagram)
Since Cyrell said it was “unprovoked and racially motivated”, Deborah has taken legal action, confirming she’s been “greatly injured in her reputation, has suffered hurt to feelings and has been and will be brought into public disrepute, odium, ridicule and contempt”.
The exes parted ways without interacting. (Credit: Diimex)

Deborah is also suing Nine Network for publishing an article to 9Honey with the headline: “Married at First Sight 2019: Cyrell claims woman called her racial slurs and physically attacked her”. Despite the fact Deborah asked for the story to be removed from their site, it remained live for a number of months, according to court documents. 

The hearing was adjourned to give Cyrell more time to file her defence.

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