Drag Race Down Under star’s controversial past resurfaces

Season two hasn’t even begun
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Ru Paul’s Drag Race Down Under has just announced its season two cast and fans have been quick to point out that one competitor has a controversial past.

Sydney queen Hannah Conda was announced alongside nine others as part of the season two cast this week.

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Last year she was called out on Instagram by Indigenous performer Felicia Fox for appropriating other cultures. 

“It makes me sick to my core to see numerous people in the LGBTQ+ community who are profiting off of making a mockery and disrespecting peoples cultures,” Felicia wrote.

At the time Hannah was quick to apologise, posting a nine minute video acknowledging her actions and committing to be a better ally. 

“I am ashamed that I ever participated in shows that appropriated Asian cultures and worn [sic] hair styles such as braids, dreads and Afro’s without understanding the importance of these styles for members of the BIPOC community,” Hannah wrote on her Instagram.

“I am sorry for adding to your hurt and trauma and I am sorry for perpetuating stereotypes of your cultures.”

Hannah Conda will appear on Drag Race Down Under season two
Hannah Conda will appear on Drag Race Down Under season two (Credit: Reddit)

Unfortunately it’s not the first time the Down Under arm of the Drag Race franchise has cast queens who have been accused of cultural insensitivity. 

Last year, Sydney drag queen Scarlet Adams was called out by Ru Paul herself on the main stage for performing in black faceAnd, post screening, it was revealed that fellow contestant Karen From Finance formerly had a “golliwog” tattoo.

Both queens apologised for their actions.

Karen From Finance apologised for her tattoo
Karen From Finance apologised for her tattoo. (Credit: Twitter)

The season two announcement has had mixed reactions from fans and the lack of diversity in the new cast has already been noticed.

Fans are disappointed in the lack of diversity
Fans are disappointed in the lack of diversity (Credit: Twitter)

Sydney performer Pomara Fifth is the only First Nations Australian and Māori queen included in the 2022 line up. Last year’s competitions also only included one Indigenous queen, Newcastle’s Jojo Zaho. 

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Hannah Conda will join queens from across Australia and New Zealand for season two of Drag Race Down Under which will be streamed on Stan from July 30.

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