Farmer Wants A Wife: Which ladies have left the farm?

From walk outs to double doses of heartbreak.
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The road to reality TV love is paved with…rejection.

With so many singles hoping to snag the hearts of this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife farmers, it’s sadly inevitable.

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While the process for eliminating ladies is far less structured than the likes of a rose ceremony, it’s an integral part of the show nonetheless.

The goodbyes usually come at a group dinner on the farm but it seems on Farmer Wants A Wife they’re also likely to happen at any moment – a date gone awry or a drama unfolds per se.

That’s why we feel it’s imperative we keep track of who left and how.

You can follow along with our wrap up, below.

Farmer Rob

Jodi AND Shannon (Credit: Seven)

Jodi AND Shannon

Despite being told he had to send one lady packing, farmer Rob followed his heart and decided to send TWO women home, surprising fans.

Rob farewelled 44-year-old retail assistant, Jodi, and 45-year-old forensic criminologist, Shannon as they sat down to roast dinner.

Farmer Matt

KJ (Credit: Seven)


The feelings were there for aged care nurse KJ, unfortunately they just weren’t strong enough in comparison to the other ladies on the farm.

Farmer Sam

Dayna (Credit: Seven)


When Sam broke the news to Dayna, she didn’t take it all too well.

The farmer offered a hug goodbye to which the 21-year-old swiftly retorted: “I don’t want to give you a hug” and walked off. Ouch.

Farmer Andrew

Lucy (Credit: Seven)


After drama unfolded about a kiss that may or may not have happened – it was Lucy’s word against Andrew’s – the duo tried to move on.

Unfortunately, despite his efforts, it was something the 30-year-old farmer felt he could not get past, sending Lucy home a day later.

Farmer Will

Caitlyn (Credit: Seven)


The feelings Caitlyn were having for Farmer Will turned out to be more like friendship and she decided to head home.

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