Fitzy & Wippa’s Sarah McGilvray is engaged!

And her co-hosts had the sweetest role in the proposal
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Happy news over at Nova FM today… Sarah McGilvray is engaged!

The Fitzy & Wippa host announced her exciting news on air earlier today, spilling the details of her very thoughtful proposal with listeners.

Spoiler: her co-hosts were in on the whole thing!

WATCH this video to see Sarah recall the happy moment!

It turns out Wippa is a dear old friend of Sarah’s fiancé who they call ‘Gary’ on the show.

Last Friday, live on air, Wippa loudly announced he was taking co-hosts Tom and Sarah for a long work lunch at Rockpool restaurant in Melbourne.

But after Sarah raced to the eatery to meet the boys on time, she was perplexed to find no trace of her colleagues and a table booked for two instead of three.

“It’s me on my own. They walked me round the corner and there sitting at the table was ‘Gary’.

“We weren’t going for a team lunch, were we Wips? 

“I should have picked up on it because you’d been so elaborate with your set up of this damn lunch.

“I sat down and they brought out some champagne. Gary started to look very, very nervous.. and he had a certain question for me.

“And Gary and I are engaged,” she finished, prompting a rousing response from her co-hosts.

Fitzy & Wippa got Gary on the phone to give his side of ‘popping the question’.

He admitted it wasn’t all smooth sailing, revealing: “There was a bit of stumbling of words, I didn’t have a ring I just had the diamond in a little box and I couldn’t get the box out of my pocket for a moment – the whole public thing was not fun!”

Asked if they’d set a date yet, Gary joked: “Not yet no. Come on – it’s taken however many years to get to this point!”

The couple are already parents to two beautiful children.

Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness!

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