This Aussie drama is the new ‘Offspring’

In 'Five Bedrooms', a group of five people chip in to buy a house together. What could possibly go wrong?
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The real estate market can be brutal, so at a drink-fuelled wedding reception, five guests devise a plan to all put in and buy a house together. That’s the premise of Five Bedrooms, Channel 10’s new drama from Offspring writers Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett. Watch the trailer below.

The five characters who combine their resources to buy a house in Five Bedrooms are:

  • Liz (Kat Stewart): a lawyer who claims the purchase is purely an investment opportunity
  • Ben (Stephen Peacocke): a down-to-earth tradie, who hooked up with Liz at the wedding reception
  • Ainsley (Katie Robertson): a real estate agent who lives in a rented granny flat and is in love with …
  • Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan): Ainsley’s married colleague, whose wife kicks him out on a regular basis
  • Harry (Roy Joseph): a doctor who hasn’t told his mother that he’s gay

Also starring in the series are Doris Younane, as married mother and life coach Heather, who rents the granny flat to Ainsley; and Kate Jenkinson, as Lachlan’s demanding wife, Melanie.

The eight-part series is airing now on Channel 10 and available to catch up on 10 Play.

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