Why Big Brother’s Flex Mami is the social media queen you need to know

Get to know one of Big Brother’s soon-to-be rising stars.
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With Big Brother Australia 2021 only just around the corner, we’re starting to deep dive into some of its upcoming housemates. And, this year’s contestants are mega exciting. 

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But, someone that we knew was going to be a joy to watch on-screen the second we saw their head in the promo trailer? Flex Mami. But, who exactly is the social media queen of Big Brother 2021? Keep reading to find out.

Flex Mami
Flex Mami is one of the new members of the Big Brother house (Credit: Instagram)

Who Is Flex Mami?

Flex Mami is a multi-talented DJ, TV presenter, entrepreneur, podcaster, and social media personality. Truly, if you can think of it, Flex Mami has already done it. 

How old is Flex Mami?

Flex Mami was born on the 4th of April, 1994.

What star sign is Flex Mami?

Flex Mami is an Aries, born on the 4th of April.

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What is Flex Mami’s real name?

While she may be best known as Flex Mami, the social media famous star’s real name is Lilian Ahenkan.

How long does Flex Mami last on Big Brother

As of right now, we don’t know how long Flex Mami lasts on Big Brother or when or whether she’s eliminated. But, what we can say, is she’ll leave an impression in our hearts and minds. 

Flex Mami
Flex Mami: social media queen, podcaster and future reality TV star. (Credit: Yasmin Suteja.)

Why is Flex Mami famous?

Flex Mami is famous for a variety of things. Winner of E!’s Social Star of 2020, the Sydney-based icon has made a name for herself sharing her critical observations about the world, relationships and people, discussing them on her podcasts – Bobo and Flex, Whatever I Want by Flex Mami, and Flex’s Semi Factual History Lessons.

Elsewhere, she’s giving us major stylish yet relatable fashion inspiration, and showing off her Alice in Wonderland-like home design products and weird finds off Facebook Marketplace. So, yeah, it’s a no-brainer that she’s about to land her first stint on reality TV and have the country fall in love with her.

Lately, she’s taken her stardom and applied it to TikTok, getting deep and meaningful on camera and in the comments; and focusing on her own merch store, Flex Factory.

What is Flex Factory?

Flex Factory is Flex Mami’s official merch store where she sells fun coasters, pillows, wallpapers, and her iconic card game series, ReFlex. The game features a deck of cards with conversation prompts from “what do you look for in a partner?” to “what type of stereotype do you live up to?”

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