We have proof Netfix’s Heartbreak High isn’t just another ’90s reboot

“It's a new version for this generation.”
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Heartbreak High isn’t just another reboot – that’s the message the cast of the new Netflix series wants to make clear. 

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“We are dealing with different characters and different material,” explains Will McDonald, who plays Ca$h. “We want to hone in and focus on that I think, but still pay respect to the original show.”

Heartbreak High was a staple for Aussie teens in the 90’s, spanning seven seasons between 1994 and 1999. 

The ultimate coming-of-age series covered a range of topics such as drug use, teen pregnancy and sexuality across over 200 episodes. 

And although the original was a classic – don’t stress if you haven’t seen it before Netflix drops the newest season on September 14. 

Heartbreak High
Heartbreak High isn’t just another reboot say the new cast. (Credit: Netflix/Jake Terrey)

“I think they’re two very different shows” shares Asher Yasbincek, who plays Harper.

“They both share the same heart and the same kind of vibe but I don’t think you have to watch the original to love the new one.” 

“It’s not like prerequisite viewing,” laughs Thomas Weatherall, who plays Malaki, agreeing that audiences don’t necessarily need to watch the original before jumping into the new season. 

“We’ve really tried to make it its own show and have it be able to stand alone and be a great piece of television, separate to the Heartbreak High legacy.” 

For those who have seen the original – watch out for some hidden (or no-so-hidden nods) to the 90’s OG. 

“You’ll have to keep an eye out,” explains Thomas. “Netflix is smart so there might be a few easter eggs in there that the eagle-eyes viewer will notice but…we can’t divulge too much.” 

Heartbreak High
Audiences don’t necessarily need to watch the original before jumping into the new season. (Credit: Netflix/Lisa Tomasetti)

“There’s definitely some twists, some characters that are maybe unexpected,” confirms Will. 

Although there may be some nostalgic elements of the show, the cast makes it clear that this show is different. 

“It really is a new telling. It’s a new version for this generation,” shares Thomas.

“We more wanted to keep the essence of the show and its style and its nature alive whilst also really shifting the storyline and characters and making it relevant to today.”

Josh Heuston, who plays Dusty agrees, telling WHO, “It’s definitely the same energy but it’s built for the new generation.”

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Heartbreak High
“There’s definitely some twists, some characters that are maybe unexpected.” (Credit: Netflix/Lisa Tomasetti)

Surprisingly, Thomas revealed that although he had heard of the original before joining the cast, he made “a concerted effort to not watch it.”

“I didn’t want to get too attached,” he shares, “You want to know that you are creating this show and not replicate anything.” 

“I think I watched a few episodes from season one and absolutely loved it,” added Will.

“That first episode I think blows you away straight away, like that energy and kineticism that is flowing through the screen-I hope we can bring a bit of that energy to our show as well” 

“But similar to Tom – I didn’t want to get too deep into it, because I didn’t want to replicate a performance of anyone else and I knew that this is a reimagining of the show in our world.”

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