Isabelle Cornish: “My ADHD is actually my superpower!”

The star chats to WHO about why her condition was a blessing in disguise.
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While most of us couldn’t think of anything worse than jumping from helicopters, crawling through mud or being submerged in a car underwater, SAS: Australia’s Isabelle Cornish was always up for the challenge.

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“I absolutely loved it,” the 27-year-old tells WHO of her time on the show. “I’ve always been someone that’s looking to push my own boundaries.”

Isabelle Cornish
The model-turned-actress recently had to withdraw from the show due to an injury. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Although the actress admits it was “difficult” opening up about her recent ADHD diagnosis, she says the condition was a blessing in disguise.

“I honestly feel like my ADHD is why I performed so well under pressure,” she explains. “It’s actually a little bit of a superpower … The more stimulation you give me, the calmer I feel. On the show I felt more calm than I’ve ever felt in my normal life, because my mind was given things to concentrate on.”

Isabelle Cornish
“Before training for SAS, I could hardly do 10 push-ups and then there was a time on the show where I did like 120,” Cornish says. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Being one of the strongest female recruits, it came as a shock when Cornish was forced to withdraw due to a lower leg injury.

“I was really enjoying my time on the show, so to have to make a decision based on my future body was disappointing,” she says.

Isabelle Cornish
“It was so empowering,” the star, who put on 7kg of muscle in preparation for the show, tells WHO. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Now dealing with a painful hip fracture, the star knows it was the right choice.

“It was a very hard bullet to bite, but now I know that it was the right one,” she explains. “If I had pushed all the way through, I’d be screwed.”

SAS: Australia airs Monday-Wednesday 7.30pm on Channel Seven.

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