How a shared passion keeps Alexandra Park and James Lafferty in sync

“There’s no holding back”
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Playing an estranged couple in the midst of divorce in Everyone is Doing Great, Alexandra Park and James Lafferty are unwittingly tempting fans to wonder how much aspects of their real-life relationship dynamics have translated onto the small screen.

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Presumably, given James and Alex announced their engagement in September last year, their authentic romance is much smoother than the tattered remains of their characters Jeremy and Andrea’s broken marriage. (Although the latter does seem to make for more entertaining fodder in their comedy).

So does Alexandra ever wonder whether she’s jinxing her own relationship by playing out a break-up with her real-life fiancé before they’ve had a chance to walk down the aisle for real?

“Sometimes!” she laughs, before adding that it’s actually not the first time she and James have worked together – albeit in a slightly different context – so she’s not too concerned.

James Lafferty Alexandra Park
James Lafferty and Alexandra Park shared passion for acting and creating is one of the key pillars behind their successful relationship. (Credit: Instagram)

From 2015 to 2018, Alexandra had a lead role as Princess Eleanor in Elizabeth Hurley-fronted drama The Royals. James, who shot to fame in cult high school series One Tree Hill, came on board during season two as a director and sparks flew between the pair.

“James and I met working together,” she reveals to WHO.

“That’s one of the things we love about our relationship together is that we are both so passionate about what we do and we actually met on The Royals where James was directing me back in season two.

“So yeah, it’s really not that strange [working on Everyone is Doing Great] because I had James direct me before on another show.”

James Lafferty Alexandra Park engaged
“She said yeah,” James and Alexandra announced their engagement on Instagram in September last year (Credit: Instagram)
James Lafferty Alexandra Park Stephen colletti
James, Alexandra and James’ former One Tree Hill co-star Stephen Colletti (right) star in and created Everyone is Doing Great. (Credit: Getty)

It’s an effective collaboration combo that has clearly paid off as the couple worked together both on-camera and behind it for Everyone Is Doing Great. They were joined by co-creator and James’ former One Tree Hill co-star Stephen Colletti as well as fellow Aussie actress Cariba Heine, with all four being firm friends in reality.

It’s this closeness – particularly with James – that Alexandra says really helped in enhancing the artistic side of things.

“Coming into this it was just fun because there’s no limitations to what we can create on screen with these characters. There’s no ‘holding back’ if you will, and we’ve got freedom to really explore Andrea and Jeremy and make them into something that’s really relatable and exciting to see,” she explains.

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James Lafferty Alexandra Park
“Happy Birthday to my favorite fucking person in the whole entire world. I love you more than day 1 6 years ago. #pda #dreamboat #bff” Alexandra captioned this image. (Credit: Instagram)

While Home and Away alum Alexandra is now based Stateside, she recently temporarily returned for a work project in South Australia and the actress admits she wouldn’t necessarily say no to a more lenghty return Down Under.

“Yeah, James and I plan to for sure – split the time a bit better than at the moment. It’s a bit hard with the current climate but when we can, that’s the plan, to spend a lot more time there and just jump back and forth a bit. I really miss it, I really miss home,” she says.

“I just shot a movie in Adelaide, the first job I’ve done in Australia since I moved over here but it is incredible. I can’t say too much about the movie because I will be in big trouble if I do, but it was amazing to be back in Australia. I’d be very much open to coming back to Australia and working there for sure, absolutely.”

Everyone is Doing Great is now streaming on Paramount+

James Lafferty Alexandra Park
The actress admits the couple could one day make the move Down Under. (Credit: Instagram)

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