All our favourite parenting moments from Jen Hawkins and Jake Wall

The parents of two have a gorgeous family.
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Jennifer Hawkins is one of the most beautiful women in the world, so it’s a no-brainer that her kids – shared with husband Jake Wall – are ultra-cute, too.

WATCH BELOW: Jen Hawkins shares the moment Frankie met Hendrix

Model and business owner Jen has been beloved ever since she won Miss Universe in 2004, shooting to international stardom within a matter of months.

But while she toured the world with her sparkly title, there was a down-to-earth bloke waiting for her at home, whom she’d met in a bar some months before the world knew who she was.

“It was one of those nights I didn’t intend on going out, and then I went out, and I met this guy, and slowly, we started a relationship,” Jen revealed to Stellar Magazine in 2017.

The family of four celebrate Hendrix’s first Christmas together in 2021. (Credit: Instagram)

And some eighteen years after that fateful night, Jen is now married to Jake, the couple making for two very good-looking and wholesome parents to their two kids, Frankie Violet, and Hendrix.

While they faced a few struggles when it came to starting a family, the little quartet now seem picture-perfect.

Check out some of our favourite moments between Jen, Jake, and the kids below.

Beanie bandits! Jen became a mum when she gave birth to Frankie in 2019. (Credit: Instagram)

Jen became a mum when little Frankie Violet was born on October 17, 2019.

As is often the case these days, Jen shared the news via Instagram.

“Frankie Violet Hawkins Wall 💓💗💗💕✨ Dream come true! So thankful to be holding our beautiful healthy baby girl! We couldn’t be more in love,” she shared, alongside photos of herself cuddling a newborn Frankie.

Jen’s excitement went beyond that of a new mother, given she had been trying to have kids for so long. (Credit: Instagram)

Jen’s excitement went beyond that of a new mother, with the blonde beauty revealing that she had struggled through a miscarriage before having her daughter.

“Last year was such a tough year for Jake and me,” she revealed of 2018.

“It was the toughest year of our lives. I felt like I almost broke and, in fact, it’s still really raw,” she told Stellar.

“But Jake was amazing. He let me sit with the pain, feel it and not be OK.”

On top of the miscarriage, Jen also learned she had stage four endometriosis – the most severe type of the debilitating condition.

“Just to see a bump is like no other feeling when you’ve wanted it for so long. I don’t care if I put on weight or get stretch marks; the only thing I can think about is her being healthy.” (Credit: Instagram)

The struggle to become a parent took its toll on Jen.

“As a woman and a type A personality, I’m used to planning everything. I think this will happen, then this will happen. It seemed like a lifetime as month after month people constantly asked us when we were going to have a baby,” she said.

The uncertain nature of the situation allowed her to embrace motherhood without making too many plans all at once.

“People ask about work, social media, breastfeeding, and I just don’t know,” she said in the leadup to Frankie’s birth.

“I just can’t predict, and it’s good for me to let go for a little bit.

“Just to see a bump is like no other feeling when you’ve wanted it for so long. I don’t care if I put on weight or get stretch marks; the only thing I can think about is her being healthy.”

Frankie is enamoured with her little brother, Hendrix. (Credit: Instagram)

Sharing a birthday very close to his older sister, Jen and Jake’s second son, Hendrix, was born on October 20, 2021.

Although two years apart, we imagine the two will be sharing joint birthday parties in the years to come!

Again, Jen took to Instagram to announce her son’s arrival.

“Hendrix Hawkins-Wall. Welcome to the world our sweet boy. 🤍🤍🤍,” she wrote.

“We could not be more grateful or more in love!” (Credit: Instagram)

“What a week it’s been! Our little man wanted to say hello to the world earlier than expected and has needed some extra care but is now doing so well and is healthy and strong!

“We could not be more grateful or more in love!!”

Soon, Jen was uploading pictures of little Frankie alongside Hendrix, the toddler seeming mesmerised by her brother.

And with two little charges in her care, Jen seems happier than ever as she embraces the mum life.

Jen takes baby Hendrix along to the hair salon. (Credit: Instagram)
jennifer hawkins family
Jen and her “little fam” in Fiji. (Credit: Instagram)
jennifer hawkins frankie hendrix
Cuteness overload! (Credit: Instagram)
jen hawkins children
“Little snuggles.. nothing better! ❤️🥰” (Credit: Instagram)
Lately. Couldn’t love you more! ❤️
“Lately. Couldn’t love you more! ❤️” (Credit: Instagram)
jen hawkins children
Jennifer shared a sweet family snap in September 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

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