Kate Ritchie reveals she’s excited to return to acting

After a five year break, she's ready to go back to her roots!
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Beloved Australian actress and radio host Kate Ritchie is hoping to make a TV comeback. 

In an interview with TV Week, the author of her new children’s book, It’s Not Scribble To Me, said that after five years she feels it’s time to return to the small screen! 

“I would be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to the day I’m back on a TV or film set, flexing those [acting] muscles again,” she said. “I hope it’s not too far away. Fingers crossed something will come in 2019.”

Following her long stint in the hit drama series ‘Home and Away,’ Ritchie said she hopes to stay in that genre, and wouldn’t mind starring a show like Channel Seven’s ‘Wanted.’  

With that being said, she’s also open to trying new things. 

“There’s some great Australian comedy out there at the moment,” she said. “So I’ll just have to see what comes along and if it’s the right time.”

The radio host also revealed she’s open to the possibility of getting behind the lens, admitting she has an obsession with crime dramas and would love to one day direct. 

Speaking of her interests, she said she’d love to do “something with lots of strong female characters.” 

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