Could Riverdale have a crossover with Sabrina?

The two shows might be set to collide.

We’re counting down the days until we see Kiernan Shipka as teenage witch Sabrina Spellman in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The series, which premieres on October 26, takes place in the fictional town of Greendale – which is in the same universe as our fave show Riverdale!

And, Kiernan is hoping that this means a crossover episode is possible.

“We’re just the town over,” Kiernan told Ryan Seacrest on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

“Will there be some sort of cross-pollination there?” host Kelly Ripa asked.

“You know what, as just selfishly as a Riverdale fan, I hope there is,” said Kiernan.

“But also Greendale is here and Riverdale is here — both these towns are so action packed, so much stuff is going down. How are they not talking about this or bonding over the fact that all of this stuff is happening? We make little small references to Riverdale on the show, so I hope it happens.”

Considering that both Sabrina and Riverdale share the same creator – Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa – this crossover is surely a possibility.

We could totally see Sabrina becoming besties with Betty and Veronica!

A girl can dream…

This article originally appeared in Girlfriend

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