The HUGE clue you missed that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant

We've seen the evidence and fans are convinced.
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Kourtney Kardashian has sent fans into a spin with a racy new photo posted to Instagram, but it’s not her latex outfit they’re talking about – it’s her belly.

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Posing in a Matrix-esque black coat with huge feathered cuffs, the mum-of-three wore her hair in a slicked back bun with two strands hanging loose around her face.

It was reminiscent of the style Kim Kardashian rocked on the Balenciaga runway yesterday, but even that likeness couldn’t distract eagle-eyed fans from Kourtney’s stomach.

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Or should we say, the things covering it up.

Posting two glamorous snaps to Instagram, Kourtney tactically (and conveniently) covered her belly with a fluffy sleeve in the first shot and then with a bared thigh in the second.

Kourt conveniently covered her stomach in these sexy snaps. (Credit: Instagram)

As we know, the Kardashians never do anything by mistake and Kourt’s clever posing has fans convinced she’s covering up a pregnancy.

But how can we be sure? She and new husband Travis Barker have been open about wanting children together, even undergoing fertility treatments to make it happen.

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“It’s a beautiful thing that we’d love to have happen, but the journey is a bit hard, for any women who have been on it,” Kourtney told reporters of her IVF plans.

And that’s not all; savvy fans noticed a trend in Kourtney’s recent Instagram posts that suggest she may be hiding a pregnancy.

Other photos she posted recently also hid her midsection… and we smell a konspiracy. (Credit: Instagram)

On Thursday, she shared a series of photos taken over the last few days and her stomach was notably covered up in all of them.

One showed her sitting in a hair and makeup chair with her leg pulled up to cover her midsection, another saw her and Travis walking hand-in-hand, Kourtney dressed in an oversized hoodie to disguise her figure.

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In yet another snap she posed in tight leggings and a loose t-shirt, twisting her body away from the camera so her belly wasn’t visible.

Even one racy snap where the fit mum showed off a peek of underboob in a sheer bralette kept most of her stomach hidden – but was it just a convenient angle?

Even the spicy snaps kept her belly out of frame! (Credit: Instagram)

Fans don’t think so. After all, the family have a history of hiding pregnancies.

Kylie Jenner famously kept both of her pregnancies a secret, though she let the world in on her second after fans figured out she was expecting.

As for Kourtney, we’ll be keeping an eye out for an announcement any day now.

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